30+ observations in 30 days – Ford Figo

Ford Figo Dashboard


  1. Surcharge on Credit Card: I hate businesses who charge 2% extra on any transaction when we pay with credit card; and Ford is no exception. I bought my car at Fortune Ford, Towlichowki, but the surcharge is applicable with Mody Ford too, and either showrooms all over the city. They say it’s a standard all over India, with any automobile dealer; but that doesn’t change the fact that I hate these businesses. If a Kirana Store is asking for 2% extra because your bill is less than a few hundred rupees – I can understand that. Ford, for a couple of lakhs – unforgivable.
  2. Faulty door locks!!!: Not even a single person at Ford so far knows how the door locks are supposed to work. Not sales people, not store managers, not service heads, not customer care, not housekeeping staff, not security guards and not even the Figo security designer, if there is one.
    Every-damn-body starts their conversation with “7 security features” of Figo, and stop after “doors lock automatically when the vehicle reaches 7kmph speed”. Nobody knows whether the doors should or should not open when the vehicle is in motion, say, at 100kmph.
    If you start your discussion with “Why do the doors open as usual even when the vehicle is in motion?”, they say, “it’s per the design sir! You should be able to open your doors whenever you feel like. In fact, it is one of the security features in Figo!” What is it again? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?
    And, if you start your discussion with “I’m unable to open the doors when in motion, why?”, they say, “of course, sir! Why the hell would you want to open the door when the vehicle is moving?? That’s one of the major security features in Figo! We make sure that you and your kids are always safe!!”
    Now, don’t ask me what the other 6 security features are! 🙂
  3. Headlamps & Horn: The vehicle is new, the reflectors are still shining and the headlamp glass is clear. So, for now, the bulbs that come with Figo are good. After a while when all the three conditions above are not exactly true, am sure I’ll have to change the bulb configuration. Actually, for better light on highways, I can change them now too! But the catch is- it will void the warranty! That’s the reason this point is covered under ‘unpleasant’ (for warranty, not light performance). Same with Horn. They sold me a car, with a horn of an Activa! :-/
  4. ‘Sound signal/ alarm’ for lock/ unlock: I like the central locking feature. I like the remote integration with key. I appreciate a separate option on the remote [key] for boot release too. But dammit, there is no sound notification for lock/ unlock operations! The blinkers do give a ‘visual signal’ but I really appreciate ‘sound signal’, however subtle it might be. So far, am standing right beside the car to confirm if the lock operation is successful. Which means, am not making good use of remote, am I? Again, the problem is: Ford doesn’t have that alarm sound equipment and if I get it done from other than Ford, 3 year warranty will be void! 🙁
  5. Warranty matters: If you do the following, you’ll void the warranty: anything.
    Seriously! I can’t add fog lamps (from other than Ford), can’t change horn (my Figo has a horn of an Activa. Figo has no other options and I’m not allowed to get it done outside), can’t add a ‘sound notification’ for lock/ unlock operations (Figo has nothing to offer in this area and I’m not allowed to get it done outside), can’t change bulbs to that of higher power, can’t add amplifier for better sound (this, I don’t need and don’t prefer but just saying!). One of my friends’ raised an important question: “I see you are using a USB micro charger to charge your iPhone. Have you checked with Ford if that voids the warranty?” 🙂
  6. Information on Ford site: It’s surprising that Ford can invest time/ money/ effort to make changes to the car but not update the features page on the website. They still showcase the features list of first generation Figo on the website. For example, they mention Ford Figo Diesel ZXi (the variant I purchased) to have no tilt-steering, and as having driver’s seat height adjustment. Mine has no seat height adjustment but I’ve got the tilt adjustable steering. Good that my preference matches with the product and not as listed on the site but isn’t that misleading?? It’s now updated.

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  1. i have connected my samsung s3 phone via bluetooth & its works fine for placing / attending calls. How to play music through bluetooth?

    1. Once the pairing is done, you can simply play the music in your phone and you will hear it in car stereo. You can use the SRC button (source) to set the mode to BT Audio. It’s the same button that allows you to juggle between AUX, FM, CD etc..

  2. Hi…i bought my Figo in Nov last year…one thing that i noticed that the PATS light is not blinking at all.
    Is there any system to make it non functional…

  3. my ford figo car audio system locked after wrong code entry ,now it displays code lock only. how can i un lock the code?? visited near ford showroom they told me that the music system is locked and need to unlock by sending the Chennai is the last option and its charged around 7000 to 8000…what is this? ford dealers are not able to unlock the music system? and its like this costly ??

  4. i have a ford figo disel titanium .Earlier engine use to shut down while changing or downshifting gears.
    After pcm update and clutch censor change,the problem has changed.
    Earlier all lights on the dashbaord use to illuminate when engine shuts down.Now only three lights illuminate malfunction light ,battery light and oil pressure light.
    This happens while driving when i am slowing down ,putting my cutch and brake same to ,the engine stops and this three lights comes on

    1. As you already know the problem, are you planning to change/ charge the battery? But frankly, I would assume that manual locking will work irrespective of the battery condition. Let me ask this in the Figo forum on facebook and check if someone has an explanation.

  5. my ford figo zxi car audio system locked after wrong code entry by the mechanic,now it dislpays code lock only. how can i un lock the code??

    1. You need to enter the correct code to unlock it. Refer to the “Audio Guide” you received from Ford at the time of purchase. The first page will have a sticker with the unique code for your audio player. For that unit, only that code works. If you find the manual, note the code and follow instructions on Page 12 to unlock it. If you do not have the manual, you can contact Ford Service station to unlock it. They should either have a copy of your code in their records, or have a master code to unlock all the audio systems. Hope this info helps!

  6. A few more grievances

    1. Ridiculous ground clearance when fully loaded 🙁

    2. Turbo lag ( hope they fixed it in the newer version

    3. Head lights and horn ( the less we speak the better)

    4. No rear power windows even for the high end titanium and no after market fitment as well. Unintentionally the rear passenger knee hits the rollers and have to roll up the glass regularly on long drives

    1. Oh ok. I knew you have a Figo but I thought you bought it relatively recently; like a couple of months ago. White, right?

      And, I’ve heard about the service from couple of others too. I just hope Ford has improved a little bit. Fingers crossed.

  7. I bought Titanium diesel. One more thing to add: when I press the brakes at ery slow speed (say 5-10 km/h) the underbody vibrates and makes noise! will get it checked at first service. also the passenger doesnt feel tired after a long drive and the car is well insulated from outside noise. About warranty yes, ‘it will void warranty’ is ridiculous . I couldnt fix relay for better light due to this fear. About extended warranty, I got this but have yet to recieve document. Ford says it will email me. Hope its is as hilarious as you have mentioned.

    1. Dear gsbhatia,

      Congratulations on your new Figo! 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for sharing your experience.
      I haven’t noticed the brake noise yet, but will keep an ear on that one. Keep us posted on the status after your first service visit is done.
      And regarding the extended warranty, I might have exaggerated a little bit, may be, but for sure you’ll be surprised to receive a single page typed document as an attachment with not even a Ford logo on it. 🙂

      1. First servicing is done. There was
        noise coming from underbody upon braking. But then I experienced it in swift
        too. It was so strong in Figo that I didn’t notice it in swift before. Service experience:
        oh man. Nobody has a clue what other is doing. I Went to NCR ford, Mohan Coop,
        Delhi. Nobody came forward to take the vehicle upon entry. I had to drive it on
        a steep slope going towards the bay area! The people at the counter were busy
        chatting. I had to call SA myself. I explained the issues to the SA. They didn’t
        change the oil and filter. They said they will do so in 3rd service@10k kms.

        When I went back to take the delivery,
        the car was outside the service center! It was in the middle of the road where
        other vehicle could have bumped into my newly-serviced figo. Maruti service
        master never allowed maruti to leave the service centre.

        I took the car inside the service
        station and signed the documents, after reading them carefully, as the Ford’s
        attitude was ‘just sign the damn papers, why read them?’ I gave the papers to a
        person who was busy chatting with his girlfriend/wife on cell phone and didn’t even
        look at me. He then handed me some brochure about extended warranty etc.

        I received a call on my way back saying
        “sir, you have gate pass with you. Please return it otherwise security guard
        will lose his job!”

        I was very far from the service centre
        and reprimanded the SA that why he handed me the gate pass. What if somebody
        took off with my car like this? Also why was he careless and busy chatting on cellphone
        instead of verifying the documents?

        Figo’s mileage is 15.5/16 km/I with
        100% ac on and 95% expressway driving@ around 90/100 km/hr.

        Will try to stick to 80 km/h and see if
        mileage improves.

        Wish to fill engine with Mobil
        MX/delvac after 30k kms. ‘

        A few observations:

        1. The sun shade is useless and dangerous! It almost touches my
        forehead upon opening and my brain will be chopped into half if I brake in
        emergency, and air bag won’t be able to protect me then!

        2. Pickup is slow

        3. Front wheels spill black oil on alloys ( I have titanium diesel)

        4. Sometimes ‘oily’ smell comes from a/c after car is driven.

        5. Height adjusting seats are a joke, they just tilt by a few
        degrees and push your rear further inside the seat, so eventually one has to
        settle for ‘flat’ seat position.

        6. Bluetooth can’t display all numbers in phonebook, only the ones
        that are in phone, so sim/google contacts are not visible.

        7. Bootspace is huge

        8. The stock speakers are 5X7. Good luck getting that size in
        India. And even after you get one, good luck at getting great sound from them
        due to a weak Head Unit (HU).

        9. Good luck at replacing Stock HU without voiding warranty.

        10. Good luck at replacing stock tyres without voiding warranty.

        11. Good luck avoiding voiding warranty in the next 2 years/next few
        thousand kms (or as ford would say ‘whichever is earlier’ J)

        1. Hi Gurpreet,

          Sorry to hear about your service experience in Delhi. I sincerely hope it is not the same across India. I’m at 2300 kms so will keep you posted about Ford Service in Hyderabad.

          So far, no brake noise on my Figo. None.

          That’s right about the Engine Oil (as per the service info, the list of things to be done is given in service guide, after the contents of user manual in the same book). The first change occurs in 2nd service @10000kms.

          Thanks for listing out your observations too!

          By the way, we should seriously do something about warranty matters. I can use a better horn and lights!

          1. Hi, Though I bought my Ford Figo from Kerala, since I live here in Tirupur, I get serviced at Rajshree Ford. Their service is excellent. Really great I would say!

            Like Vinod mentioned earlier, Nothing excites me more, than driving my Figo. Last week we drove to Cochin and back on NH47. Wow..wow..

  8. Though ‘Figo’ing for the past 6 months..never observed the features to this detail..This Post though long yet crisp…

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