A decade in office

I would have been in all formals for my Day 1. May be a light blue full hands shirt and black trousers, my all time favorite formal combination.
I positively would have woken-up early too; or rather never slept the previous night!
I probably was on cloud nine for scoring a job in an MNC.
I probably felt lucky to be working as soon as my graduation was complete.
I probably felt like a king because I would start earning money.
I would earn a whole 37,500/- per annum!
Lot of money to have fun, party, buy stuff at home, and save too! 🙂

I only have a vague memory about that day – but am sure that’s how it probably went. That was May 27th, 2002. The day when I started working professionally, full day. The day when I started my career. It was with Knoah Solutions.

After 4 years with Knoah, it was 4 years with CA.

It’s 2012 now, May 27th – Working as a Corporate trainer with NetCracker (Until two weeks ago, before acquisition, it was Convergys Information Management). It’s been almost two years now. Working on a few projects in parallel, some critical, some trivial.

All the history matters because this day is a milestone. A very important milestone.

It’s been a decade since I first stepped into office!

I’ve been working for 10 years now!!

10 friggin’ years!!!

Thanks to every one I bumped into in these 10 years – I’ve probably learned something from each one of you. Or, may be I’ve taught you something! 🙂

Three cheers to me and the batch that started the career on the same day with me! 🙂


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