A different board game

sidepleaseChess is the most popular. And I am not sure if carrom is considered as one. But what I am referring to is the inevitable ‘game’ we play on roads – while on the way to work, home or elsewhere. Isn’t it? It obviously should be – or how else do some win and some lose? I would compare it to chess or snakes & ladders. These days we can’t step out without a strategy in mind – the route to take, the junctions to avoid, best time to start, the toughest time and distant math, how to deal with calls [on mobile] if received any – and much more!

It is a little different [game] on highways. Anyone will agree that ‘highway riding/ driving’ is different from the regular, so called ‘local’ expertise. If it is dark, you almost need a certification from fellows as ‘highway driver’ or else uncalculated risk is involved. I was on highways earlier – mostly on bike and couple of times in a 4-wheeler, but last two trips felt much different.

The last weekend of November, I had to visit my school to attend a Silver Jubilee celebration and alumni meet. And mid December, my native place for a small ceremony at home. Both the times I was on my bike on the highway. Starting time: 5 AM. Jeans, turtle neck, jacket, sneakers, woollen gloves, goggles, back pack and of course helmet was the gear. First trip was interrupted with a couple of ‘flat tyre’ episodes – but was overall okay. Second trip was ‘easy’ for some reason. Me on one bike and my bro-in-law on the other we covered for about 70 kms in one hour (this one not a highway). We came across 3 vehicles and overtook about 4. This road had very low dpm (defects per million or ‘ditches per mile’ whatever). And I believe occasional ditches were eye-openers for we might be riding with half eyes closed at that hour!

On a deserted road at 5 in the morning, fully covered to protect myself from the cold, playing ‘Bheegi Bheegi’ from ‘Gangster’ in the walkman – I didn’t want that journey to come to an end. But then, after the wonderful stretch, the day broke and we were on the highway – to play the ‘game’. And all in all for my interest in enjoying time for myself even on a highway ride, for one millionth time, am falling in love with myself again!

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  1. Hmm……….

    you are very much correct, myself being on high way for 5 years and travelling hundreds of times on bikes, I still fell its lot diferent than our cnventional driving in city.

    and not to forget it is as enjoyable too 🙂


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