A holiday for me – finally!

Only few years may be, but I feel it’s been ages since I got a holiday for Dasara. That’s one of the problems I faced being in Support stream. End users we supported were either global or US/ EMEA based. And obviously as the holidays don’t match, I worked on our holidays and even theirs! I was there in office all night on Dasara & Diwali- to address issues for US customers. And I was there all night even on Halloween & Thanksgiving- to address issues for customers from India or countries that don’t celebrate the holiday.

Moving to full time Learning team has done a lot of good even in the shortest span of three months so far. Finally got back to what I love the most and to something I am good at. No night shifts, no phone support. While this is normal life for millions, it is a good sunrise for me after all the nights.

In addition to that, the holidays for Indian festivals – wow! We have a holiday on Friday even when the festival is on Sunday. Two days leave after weekend (surprise! -no fighting, just marking your absence) makes it a perfect 5 days OFF with family.

The same story repeats for Diwali as well. Friday is holiday, though festival falls on a weekend, two days leave and that makes another perfect 5 days OFF.

Am lovin’ it! 🙂

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  1. Ee annadm lo manam diwali baga chedam cake.Eithide edo okkadi baga kalchedam(crakers ).Vehicle vaste manam banglore celebrate chedam…What you say?

  2. Enjoy it buddy, you really deserve it. Though it hurt somehow specially for people like me who stay away from their family and for whom a holiday of a day or two doesn’t mean any difference, I am happy about you and I am sure you already have a rocking plan for these coming holidays. So enjoy it at it’s core. Cheers!!!

    1. Thanks Vikas bhai! Yes, currently as my parents are staying in my home town, a long weekend is a good holiday get away with festival and family. Am feeling so relieved! 🙂

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