A quick replay

It’s been 10 years that I quit the premises. Though I visited the campus a few times in these 10 years, it was more of spending about 30 minutes in the ground or walking for about 15 minutes in the hallways and saying ‘Hi’ to a couple of people I know, and that’s it. It was different this time. It was a formal invite. Most of the teachers that taught me were present. We had celebrations. All the ex-students had a get together. It was a two day fiesta. Though I could attend only for one day, thanks to my friends who changed plans in the last minute, it was still fun. More than fun, it was an opportunity to look back at what I was about 10 years ago. Yes, the silver jubilee celebrations at ‘Little Flower High School’, Nagar Kurnool were another milestone for the school indeed.

When I was asked to share my thoughts on the event, the moment and the progress I made since then, I was blank! Years of corporate experience talking to thousands of clients, handling hundreds of training sessions/ meetings wouldn’t help. It’s a trance that took me back to the same ‘school kid’ stage. All the teachers that corrected me while I read out the text book lessons were right in the front row. I did manage to blurt out a few sentences. However, am not sure if they made any sense at all. I hardly remember what I conveyed, or wanted to convey there on the stage!

Only after the event when I got to meet my teachers in person did I know that they understood what I said. I could not miss the joy all of them had on their faces meeting lot of students they taught remembering them, honoring them and facilitating them. Clicked a few snaps with some of them. But am sure I have more memories than these photographs that will live with me forever. As and when possible, I will make time to pen down the ‘school diaries’ on the blog. You can access them under the tag (category) ‘A few pages from my diary‘ on the right.


This is a picture with Arogyam teacher who taught me Telugu in Primary School. And if you are wondering who that guy in black shirt is – he is Kiran, Associate Director for ‘Happy Days’ movie. Oh, yeah – he did appear in the movie as ‘Pandu’, one of the hero’s friends. (Yep, the one who comes to college with his mom on the first day… Also writes pretty fast). We studied together for about half a dozen years.

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