A visit to the Zoo

hydzooLast weekend, as part of our regular photography expedition, we had a chance to visit the zoo in Hyderabad. We did have a lot of fun and of course [I believe] very good clicks. After coming back from the zoo and reviewing the pictures, I remembered the popular camel story. Here is the transcript in case you missed it earlier:

Mother, may I ask you some questions?
Sure, why son, is there something bothering you?
Why do camels have humps?
Well son, we are desert animals, we need the humps to store water and we are known to survive without water.
OK, then why are our legs long and our feet rounded?
Son, obviously they are meant for walking in the desert better than anyone does.
OK, then why are our eyelashes long? Sometimes it bothers my sight.
My son, those long thick eyelashes are your protective cover. They help to protect your eyes from the desert sand and wind.
I see. So the hump is to store water when we are in the desert, the legs are for walking through the desert and these eyelashes protect my eyes from the desert sand… Yes, dear?
Just one more question Mother… What the hell are we doing in the ZOO?!???

Well, we didn’t have a camel in here but it was a good experience watching many animals and birds.

Catch a glimpse of the pictures on Picasa album or on the Flickr set.

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