Airtel ‘adbuthamaina’ service

One thing is confirmed – nothing comes easy for me! When I take the actual recommended route to contact any service, they throw their SLA’s away, fail to keep the promises, take no ownership of the problem/request and of course, cause a lot of frustation and inconvenience. As it is said ‘In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is.’ So, what is put on the website/ paper or promised by the representative and the actual deal always has a huge gap. When I pay to get a service, I don’t wish to compromise on anything promised to me.

But this post is about something different. Airtel, of course. You might have already read about the support experience with Airtel and the makes-no-sense address proof policy I penned down before. This one I observed right at the initial contact. I asked today (Dec 16, 2010) if they can change the bill plan for my Airtel mobile connection. Guess how many days they need to address it? Huh!

Expected Revert Time: 31/01/2011. Great!

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    1. I would recommend that you contact airtel for any information about the products and services offered by the company. This is not an airtel support website, just a personal blog.

  1. Hey man once again started my struggles with the customer support of Airtel.. as new MNP came in to picture trying to shift the network from Airtel to BSNL but unable to do so as I am getting the error when sending the PORT request to Airtel.. following up with the support with no use and no response..
    lets see when this will be resolved…

    1. My way of making Airtel work – send an email to everyday until you see a response for your specific request. They have 5 or 6 generic canned responses they prefer to fire of for every email they receive. If you receive one of these responses, reply to the email, REMOVE the case number from the subject line and send the same original request. When they see 5-6 support tickets with same text, then they wake up, wash their face and read the email. Till then, it’s as good as an Out Of Office message.

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