AkasamanthaAntha ledu!

I had to watch this movie in Khammam last week. We were in fact hoping to watch ‘Billa’ (review tomorrow) but ended up in this movie. We weren’t sure of the theaters and apparently sometimes newspapers have incorrect information (‘Sakshi’ was the only one available at the hotel).

Well, coming to the movie- there isn’t much, unfortunately. Given the publicity and casting- Trisha and Prakash Raj, well known for the ‘father’ roles, we had good expectations, if not high. Of course we were dissappointed.
Contrary to what I’ve heard/ read, I believe it’s made in Tamil and the Telugu version is just an audio dubbing, not a remake. It was irritating to watch people talk with no lip sync. Locations were nice but they weren’t shown so in the movie. Very nice opportunity to mesmerize audiences with photography; missed! Music had no better effect either. May be one track was ok-ok and that’s it.
We did have an occassional giggle here and there but that’s not worth watching the movie. It’s like less than 10 mins overall. 🙁

6 Replies to “Akashamantha!”

  1. If you have decided not to watch ‘Akasamantha’, you are also a gud boy! 😛

    Billa can be watched. Well, you have the review now. Say hi to Anushka 😉

  2. It was very disappointing experience. I wish there was anything else to write 😀

    Will port ‘Billa’ experience tomorrow.

  3. He he he…. that was pretty plain not your kind of review I would say…

    Looking forward for ‘Billa’ review… 🙂

  4. Thanks for that, I had high expectations too..and wanted to watch, if anybody puts it online..now I will drop tht idea…

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