Anyone interested in photography?

I am!

Photography is often more than just taking a photo with a camera. It is about creating something that is aesthetically pleasing. Photography is about the entire process from finding the object to photograph, framing the photograph, processing the image and presenting the image.

I developed this hobby long ago. I have been experimenting on people, articles, trees, Sun (my favorite subject) etc. to learn and improve on my skills. I know I made some progress, but I still have a long way to go! I thought I would post few pictures I clicked, some tips and tricks I learned (some, the hard way) here in this blog.

I will try to write simple articles regarding procedures that we can implement when playing around with our cameras. More than that, I will refer articles I come across in the process of tuning my photography skills. Anytime, don’t hesitate to feed-back your observations and help me learn. If you find a learning opportunity here, I am pleased!


4 Replies to “Anyone interested in photography?”

  1. That’s my observation too! More often that not, impulsive shots look a lot better than the planned ones.


  2. ya we will have lots of fun.. i personally do.. coz, if i try to be creative then that picture for sure is going to be a worst one.. if i take a picture jus like that, it comes out so good.. i have a large set of my creative pictures which make me laugh.. hehe

  3. Pull up your sleeves and put together your photography gear then, it’s time for fun 😉

    Little exaggerating I know… but we’ll have lots of fun for sure 🙂

    You’re welcome!

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