Autograph – Puri Jagannath


Last week, I got a little ‘active’ on the web. I’ve always been here but the activity has increased for a few reasons: discovered a way to bypass proxy at work, working from 10pm-7am and I NEED something interesting to keep me awake after 4am or so, last before weekend was too boring and I actually started updating some profiles online etc, and friends started scribbling on the facebook wall and people started following on twitter, and so on…

Anyway, while on facebook, I was browsing through ‘friends’ list and when checking out my friend Kiran’s profile (the Asst. Director for Happy Days, we studied together in hostel), I found Puri Jagannath (telugu movie Director) in his list. I actually wasn’t expecting to be his ‘friend’ but added anyway. I thought he should be receiving dozens of requests everyday and would ignore mine easily. Looks like he accepts most of the requests I donno why. And similarly he accepted mine too. Or, may be he wants to cast me in his next movie – I have an awesome guitar pic on my profile! 😛

Okay, back to ground level: When I received the notification, I suddenly remembered the autograph we’ve taken a couple of years ago when we bumped into this popular director in Image Hospitals, Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Thought I’ll post it.

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  1. memories aa annai? na dagara pawan kalyan, chiranjeevi, nagarjuna, shahrukh khan, john abraham autographs undevi.. kaani anni poyi balayya di okkati migilindi.. em cheyalo artham kavatledu danitho.. can u give some idea??!!

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