4 Replies to “Awesome clip from Russell Peters about Bollywood movies!”

  1. Yeah, may be we can check out other videos available before we decide something… but it’s just an opinion, so, fine.

  2. No guys you got him wrong. Hez an amazing comedian who can joke on anything under the sky. It is not just on India and Indians but he can make you laugh on anything. Do watch his other videos as well…and btw I don’t think hez wrong at criticising Bollywood movies…are they any different from what he explained in this video?? huh?? Just Chill…

  3. I did notice what you said. However, I haven’t watched many of his performances, so I assumed it just happened that I got my hands on the ones where he used Indians as subjects.

    If that’s what he does on all his shows, it’s really sick!

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