Basics of photography – Composure

Get closer to your subjects.

When they can’t get close enough to their subject, many new digital camera users take the picture and then crop in on the photo using digital photo software. This often results in a nice close-up photo on the computer screen, but it also removes pixels from the image, thus resulting in a lower quality photo. Cropped photos will be lower-quality than non-cropped photos when printed. You can avoid this dilemma by simply standing closer to your subjects!

And I understand that we cannot get closer sometimes to get the action. This is when we turn the camera off and enjoy the show! Yep, being a good photographer does not mean that we can catch every moment and every’thing’ around. There are sometimes when you have to compromise on the lens and feast your eyes!!

Going forward, ‘basics’ are done and we’ll start with the usage – tips and tricks to click better pictures. Stay tuned!

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