Better weekends…

I guess this weekend was lot better than the ones in the last month or so. I started off in the hot Sun and came back in a slight drizzle. Fun it was!

Thanks to my friend who offered to apply leave so that he can accompany in my re-energize program. Started at 11 am on Friday in the hot Sun on bike. Knoah visit to start with, and then set off to ‘roaming the city’. We did do some useful things, of course. I dusted off my cam after a long time and bought a set of new rechargeable batteries. We spent some time on tankbund clicking Budha in sunset. As commented on this post, we had lime soda, sugarcane juice, tea and water multiple times. Our lunch was at Subway and dinner at Domino’s. Though we reached his place by 11pm, we didn’t sleep until 4 am I guess.
Saturday was good too. Even Danny joined us for a couple of beers, what more can I say 😛
The pic below should say it all. 2 laptops, 2 cameras, 1 desktop, 4 internal hard disks, 2 external hard disks, as usual pen drives, mobiles for storage, tool kits, cables, UPS, inverter, etc… If someone walked in, they would have thought we were building some explosives or something. Especially given the fact that we were alone in the complete 24 flat apartment in an isolated area 😀

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  1. @Shalini: It happens. When we bunch of guys are together, everything and anything is allowed… We normally keep experimenting on stuff like this. Our principle is simple: It is our responsibility to turn the page. Whether is turns or torn is not our business. (Page tippadam mana vanthu. Tiriginda, chiriginda taruvatha sangathi)

    @Bharath: Almost anuko 😀

  2. Glad that you are on your regenerating, reenergising, reinvigorating spree..but what is it with all those gadgets? Sure to be mistaken that you guys were into some serious dangerous plan…careful guys!

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