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billaAfter missing once, we were better prepared this time. We had all morning available- perfect for a morning show. We reached there in time, confirmed it’s the right movie and were in queue for tickets. No reservations or ‘advance bookings’ available. ‘Samajika nyayam’ (meaning- all are equally idiots) is their motto probably! 😛

Anyway, it took 30 mins in the line to grab our tickets. It wasn’t fun standing in line in the hot summer Khammam Sun. At least, it was nice inside the theater. Seats, ambience AC etc.
Coming to the movie itself- it was good. Same old DON, with customized climax for Telugu audiences. In place of the diary or the DVD, it was pen drive here; of course Red. 🙂
Except for some cheap laughs comedy from the Billa himself and the Rebel Star Krishnam Raju, it was a class production. The shots, sets, the ‘chase’ in Ferrari were all okay. Prabhas did fit in well in the role- his costumes, physique, acting etc. Dialog delivery did stand out a little odd here and there but I guess it’s not bad.
Coming to the ladies- Namitha is well known for her ‘nothing-to-hide’ attitude and was no different here. I was a little surprised to see a lot of Anushka anyway. The roles did demand a lot of skin-show but Anushka still managed it well, I guess. That reminds me I still didn’t get to watch ‘Arundathi’! 🙁 Oh, there was a glimpse of Hansika too, not bad.
Music- am not sure! Manisharma appears to have taken ‘inspiration’ from a lot of movies/ albums. That ‘ganpat’ track from ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ was deployed for the ‘mass’ Prabhas. I think I even heard the ‘mission impossible’ for ‘the chase’! Nothing more.

Also, there is no trade mark dialog of ‘the DON’- “DON ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hain”. Billa did say good bye in Spanish though- ‘Asta La Vista, baby!’

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  1. Meerala hero meeda padipoyaka mem eam chebithe matram eam nammutharu?! 😛

    You will hav fun le, watch it.

    Btw, nice dialog! 😀

  2. Asta La Vista, Baby…hey doesn’t that sound cool?? maa hero edi chepina alage untadi…good that u didn’t dare to give any negative comments about him, would have been killed :p
    well I will add this..
    “Billa pe sattire marna mushkil hi nahi, naa munkin hai..” heheheeee

  3. Elcom!

    Chusina movies chala vatiki reviews rasta ikkada. Kakapothe chudadam takkuva kottavi… Antha old collection intlo covering maximum…

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