Black & White: Up or Down?

Enough is enough! Just tell me where you need to go. Oh, no! I am not asking about your career or life in general. Not about your travel plans either. I ask this with reference to the elevator travel. Yes, the vertical transport we use everyday. For those who take dozens of trips everyday and still don’t know which way to go!

How many times have you been in the lift car when the doors open and you have a confused face staring at you? I should say I’m there everyday! My office is on 6th floor and lift car almost stops on every floor. I’m happy, if they get in and want to use the services. Many don’t. They look at me with a question mark on their faces. They expect me to understand the question AND provide a satisfying answer. My luck; question is very simple: Is this going up or down? So, answer and move on.

Not sure if you’re with me – I always want to shout back: Which way do YOU need to go? Up or Down? But, I don’t. The reason? You never know which dumb looking person is how high in your corporate ladder!

Irrespective of the cadre: managers, office boys, directors, security personnel, VPs, courier guys, cleaning women, pizza delivery boys, developers, agents; all have a problem in understanding how lifts work. Of course, I’m not blaming everyone here. I do come across a few sensible people who are very good at it. One general observation is – they want to “call” the lift – literally. They look at the number on the screen, and if it’s above the current floor they are waiting on, press the DOWN button – to call the lift to their floor. Oops! Even if they want to go up. Once the car stops and the doors open, more often than not, you find [someone like] me inside – wanting to shout at you!

How do I explain to everyone that ‘they don’t call the lift first, get in and then press the number corresponding to the floor they want to go to’? Though this holds true for not-so-advanced lifts with one button and metal-manual-sliding-grill types, this is not true for the automated ones with two buttons on the panel. Probably, I’ll have to print posters and display near the panel!

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  1. I have an issue with people using the lift to just go up one floor….I mean people, it’s never going to hurt to climb a flight of stairs, how simple can it get when in an office you even have two flights of steps provided one to go up and the other to come down…….it’s crystal clear…we’re out of common sense.

  2. Nanda, I can see your irritation through your post…
    Tell the ppl ‘n’ number of times but they will come to their own so-called calling the lift fashion ‘n+1’th time…

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