Boni – not a very good start


In one phrase- not worth watching.

The only aspect of the movie which was not very disappointing is music. It’s not great but few tracks are good. And as it is well known, Ramana Gogula reads lines between songs (or is that rap?) which wasn’t very awkward in here. Or did I feel that way in contrast to the poor narration and vague storyline? 2-3 tracks were in deed pictured well, with nice art and costumes etc. These tracks are worth an ear and the good things about this  movie come to an end.

For Sumanth, it’s another attempt to play a mass hero, which I would say was not successful with all the class or ‘normal’ looks. He didn’t have that roughness or mass charm to fit in the role. Kriti is nice. She looked very comfortable on the screen. Apart from a very few ‘over-actions’ here and there, her performance is good. She has traces of Jayaprada and Anushka in a few scenes. Other cast, Trinetrudu (supporting actor), Tanikella Bharani, Sutti Velu were more entertaining than the lead roles, similar to Prayanam.

Technically it is a good movie. But, I guess the poor narration and storyline spoiled the game. DD (Sumanth) and Chinna (Trinetrudu) are childhood friends who grew up in an orphanage. Their lifetime goal is to setup a ‘pulihora’ center. They join goons, work with dons and invole in ‘collections’ and kidnaps to earn money for that. Surprisingly, they need 7 lakh rupees to start one! I wonder at what scale they were planning- they never mentioned going international! Pragathi (Kriti) enters their life when they kidnap her as part of their operations. She actually plans a kidnap herself with some police friends to extract money from her father, which she needs to free land for farmers in a village. That’s how the story goes, with no romance and chemistry on the screen.

Actually, there is one more good thing about the movie: a few one liners at regular intervals (from comedians). I’m sorry I forgot to mention this. This is the aspect which kept me awake all through the movie. I wish they worked on comedy a little more which could probably involve audiences a little.

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