Can I be more stupid? Part I

I don’t know. However, I can give you an instance of my most stupid activity.

This started a couple of weeks ago. I needed more space to copy some movies on my machine. I had Linux on 20 GB (total 80 GB) of my disk for Linux. I had it for my friends (a couple of Oracle enthusiasts), who never used it after installation for whatever reasons. I thought I would format that space Windows sees it as ‘unallocated space’ and use it for this junk. Well, here is the ‘fun’ in stages.

Stage I: I started with XP as usual, opened ‘Disk Management’ and formatted the drive. I could see that as a partition in ‘My Computer’ and therefore happily copied half a dozen movies. I even watched a few trailers to peep into what’s in store for my coming Sunday nights. Well, what I did NOT realize was that Linux has its entry in Master Boot Record (MBR) (you know the dual boot and stuff!) and I was not supposed to ‘kill’ Linux without keeping my MBR informed. When I shut down the system and booted later, Stage I is complete. MBR is screwed up and machine doesn’t boot.

Stage II: I used Bootable disk with XP and tried using Recovery Console to retrieve data from ‘My Documents’ and other locations from my XP profile. Well, I could play around with any directories and files within WINDOWS folder but my profile always was unreachable from this ‘console’. There goes my email as well, the Outlook Express Store Folder. Well, though I did not goof my machine up further in this stage, I should have backed up data from other drives as a precautionary measure. But anyway, if I am working on one drive, why should I be bothered about data from other drives? Right? Well, that’s what I did! I didn’t bother!!

…to be continued

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