Can I be more stupid? Part II

So, where did I stop? Yeah, I didn’t bother about the data in other drives. Rean on…

Stage III: I thought I could get those half a dozen movies again and formatted that new drive then. I installed XP there, to try to pull data from my crashed OS drive. Well, the stupid thing I did in this stage is overwriting MBR record. This means, even the recovery console, if someone is very good at it, cannot help me recover the lost data. I still tried using Command Prompt etc to retrieve data, but was unsuccessful.

Stage IV: I am definitely not getting better at this. As I lost some data and I had two drives available for nothing (about 35 GB), I thought I would try something new. In fact, I needed something to motivate myself so that I don’t cry over the lost information. How about a whole new Operating System Vista? Sounds good! So, I wanted to make the two drives one and install Vista on it (recommended partition is 40 GB for Vista). But I couldn’t combine the space as one is ‘Primary’ partition and the other is ‘secondary’.

We (yes, I have company for craziest things done; am not alone!) looked up in Google using mobile and were following the walkthrough. Suddenly out of the blue, Windows tells me I have 4900+ Terra bytes of space on my system!! All I had was one 80 GB disk in reality! Something has terribly gone wrong for sure! We got out of the screens immediately and booted again to start troubleshooting all over. Well, do you remember we didn’t bother about the data in other drives? All that is gone and Windows detected a brand new 80 GB disk! Here goes all my media, pictures (oh my God, all my photography expeditions!), software and downloads dump etc. Huh!

Now I understand the importance of backups!

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