SMS Sender from Microsoft

Here is one wonderful utility that I bumped into yesterday. Normally, we do have hundred’s of applications that enhance the mobile functionality, usage and convenience. However, it’s some geek developer who creates the program for fun and soon it’s all over. In other cases, a lousy program is built and used as bait to pass through spyware, ads or just to make things complex.

This one is from Microsoft. Very clean and simple. It just allows you to send SMS using PC. If you have a phone that connects to a computer using a USB cable/ infrared/ bluetooth, you can use this.
Follow this link to install the app:

Hyderabad FM Radio Live Online Streaming


Here is a wonderful portal that streams live from 4 popular FM Radio Stations in Hyderabad:


RadioMirchi 98.3 FM,
RadioCity 91.1 FM,
S FM 93.5 FM and
Rainbow 101.9 FM


It’s not blocked in my office (yet!), hope it is allowed in your network too!

It’s currently using 32 kbps so it plays without interruption even on slow Internet connections.

People from Hyderabad those who are staying elsewhere – other cities in India or abroad, celebrate!

Have fun!