Chicken festival


Yeah, you read it right. It was a chicken festival and not a generic food festival. All you get is chicken, chicken and chicken. 🙂
We celebrated the exotic chicken festival at home last Saturday. The moment I woke up around 10 am, I could smell different dishes being prepared. All chicken! Whoa! It took a moment to absorb the excitement. All my sisters were hurrying with different stuff around microwave, mixer, stove, and refrigerator. I had to save the masala mix, cut onions, the garnishing greeneries, lemons etc from my niece Pattu a few times. She was excited too, of course not because of the exotic food being prepared (she is 17 months old), but in general, the chaos around her. Ingredients were all laid out in different dishes, newspapers, plastic covers and what not on the floor. And this lady was sneaking around to taste everything!

I learned a little later that my dad started all this hungama. He was bed ridden in hospital for about two weeks because of his kidney surgery. It’s about a week he’s been home but hardly did any activity other than a little walking, taking his medicines, watching TV etc. We checked with doctor and he asked dad to enjoy ‘as much food’ as he wants. So he called my three sisters (who stay in about 10 mins. away) last Saturday early in the morning. All three were standing in line in less than half an hour: attention!

The program: All three should prepare a dish with chicken. Dry, wet, starters, curry, main course, whatever they can think of. All expenses, ingredients will be taken care of/ provided. You can use your own kitchen or ours. It has to be ready by lunch time and the best dish will be awarded. Dad, brother’s-in-law, mom and a cousin gets to vote for the best dish. Of course, I’m part of the jury too!

It was 1 O’clock by the time we sat down for lunch. Meanwhile, one was decorating her preparation with garnishing, one was preparing the tablecloth to best present hers and the other doing something else of that sort. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and three sisters were waiting for the results. All three were too good (it’s chicken!) and it was difficult to vote. Finally, we gave one award for “fastest” preparation, one for “looks good” and the other for “superb taste”. [;)] We had to satisfy all three sisters!

I personally passed on my best wishes, congratulated each sister for her efforts and finally pleaded that they compete every week [:D]

And last but not the least; my mom was ready with her own regular chicken in case the three experimented too much! [;)]

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  1. @ VO, I think U should get married to a girl, whose father should be an owner of Poultry farms (not single farm):-)

  2. In the order the pictures are posted:

    First one: she tried the KFC way. It tasted more like Texas Chicken than KFC, according to her. I am yet to taste Texas Chicken.

    Second: The regular Chicken 65

    Third: We are yet to name it. May be if the same dish can be prepared in the next competition (am hoping it would be very soon), I’ll let you know the name we come up with.


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