The other day I was reading the latest edition of Reader’s Digest (an article about bank robbery) and having a soft drink when many people gave a wierd look at me. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with that. I was dressed normally, jeans and a tee shirt; not doing anything different/ wierd; I looked ‘okay’, if not well groomed and clean shaved; no statements/ comments on the shirt, a plain one.

It did worry me a little bit, but I couldn’t figure out the reason for those looks. Late that night, when I opened the book again to continue reading, it flashed in my mind. The cover page for Feb ’07 has “10 New WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT NOW!” in big block letters and the soft drink was a “Diet” Coke. I didn’t get that by choice; that was the only one available that day in the cafeteria! 🙁

Given my weight and personality, what happened that afternoon makes sense. May be they had the shock of their life seeing me read that while having a DIET cola 😉

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