Delete is the key!

In one of the time management books I recently read, the author emphasized the importance of using the Delete key – and how that’s very much important to save time. It’s true that we don’t have to read every email that comes our way. The subject tells us whether or not the email should be deleted (or opened then). Some emails from known senders can be saved in a folder for later review – the ones that include pictures/ jokes/ forwards/ shayaris etc. Do you know that there are paid professional courses and workshops to help us “keep the Inbox empty”?

By the way, am talking neither about time nor email management. I just am scrutinizing how obsessed I have become with this ‘key’. The Delete key. I use the concept almost every where – sometimes to save time, sometimes to clear the clutter and sometimes just to make me happy!

When I have nothing better to do when in front of my computer on a weekend, I browse through a couple of drives and delete at least a couple of hundred megs. May be there are two versions of the same software downloaded some time ago. Or may be I have a movie and got it again as part of the bulk piracy transfer that is shared using an external hard drive.

I am surprised I use the technique in my mobile too. When I have to wait for about 10 mins anywhere, I am habituated to browse through the list of contacts (or old SMS) and delete any entries that I have not spoken to in say last 12 or 18 months. Sometimes I just call them to catch up – but most often I end up deleting the entry; either I cannot reach them or may be the number is no longer valid. By the way, I love to keep up than catch up.

And this has come a little further. If I contact someone a multiple times – calls, chat, emails, orkut and all means that we used to keep in touch since we know – and there is no response, I delete the contact information. I am not sure of the magnitude but I guess it is stupid to some extent, right? But for some reason, I do that. Primarily delete phone numbers, and if too mad, delete any pictures from my computer. Out of sight, out of mind concept. If someone doesn’t care to respond or try to get back after multiple attempts, may be they are not happy keeping in touch – so no point in forcing them. What say? Another way to save my time and effort!

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