Did you just say culture?

indiaIndian culture, western culture, good, bad, what not? I heard the same stuff for years! I wonder who chooses topics like ‘culture and changes in the recent past’ or ‘arranged marriages and love marriages’ or ‘are women still considered kitchen bound’ etc. Either everyone knows the answers or no one understands what the objective is.

Anyway, I realized this while I was watching some ‘Youth special’ debate programme on TV the other day. As usual, this was about the Indian culture and how the youth perceives it; likes or dislikes it; and of course the affect of the so called ‘western culture’. I am sure, for more than half of them participating in the debate, Indian culture = ramayan/ mahabarat and western culture = mini skirt and sleeveless tops. Yep, I am sure they cannot define culture.

After many such shows/ debates, I now have my opinion of what culture is! Here is what I think it is. If it not, I strongly feel that it should be! 😉

People have a way of living. We do certain things in certain ways because of various reasons. Some prefer certain type of clothing for comfort; some might feel it’s just good; some chase fashion; and may be some have no choice; and may be some others have various other reasons! The same applies to everything else. We tend to develop few habits as we are forced to do certain things in certain ways regularly. If anyone is patient enough to document all this, bind it and name the book as ‘culture’. Scribble the date if possible.

It is always ‘a documented version of what people actually do or follow’ is/ should be termed culture. Not ‘following what is documented centuries ago’. Thousands of years ago, they had a way of living. Few had time and therefore worked on all the great books we currently have. Read, understand them and think about anything and everything you have read. Live your own way of life. If you are not following those books, you are not ruining the culture. If no one has time, I will document the way you live and we’ll call it culture!

If someone starts off ‘do you even know what our culture is?’ let them come talk to me! We’ll first agree WHAT culture is and then talk about OUR culture later!!!

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  1. haha..very true.
    Your article reminded me of a similar discussion we had at infotech for GD.
    not many understand..but e’body wants to talk and prove their point:)

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