Don’t let U.S. corporations off the hook

from: Greenpeace India <>
to: vivekananda[dot] kadukuntla [at]
date: Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 6:29 PM
subject: Thanks for signing the petition

Dear Vivekananda,

Thank you for signing this petition. Your signature will be delivered to the Prime Minister. More of us need to sign this petition to convince the PM. Can you ask your friends and family to sign?

Thanks a billion!

–The Greenpeace India team

Our government is churning out one hazardous bill after another. This time it is a bill called the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, and it’s coming up for a vote in a couple of days.

The bill lets U.S. corporations off the hook for any nuclear accidents they cause on Indian soil. They’d only have to pay a meagre amount, and Indian taxpayers would be stuck paying crores for the nuclear clean up and to compensate the victims.

Without any public debate, the Prime Minister is appeasing American interests and ignoring our safety. Sign this petition to ask the PM to hold a public consultation before the vote on this bill.

The petition says: “India must hold a public consultation before changing the liability rules for any nuclear accidents caused by U.S. corporations.”

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  1. I am not really sure how much value these petitions hold and their significance, apart from the personal gratification that, me/we stood up to some cause by signing it

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