Emotional banking?

There’s this lady who works for some consultant that does business for HDFC Bank. She sells their financial products like loans and credit cards etc. I guess like most other marketing firms, they have a database of mobile numbers they keep calling every now and then to check if we need any financial products or services. I listen to all that they have to say, tell them why I don’t need a loan/ credit card and then hang up politely. But, when you receive another call, you never know if you have already spoken to that person. I guess neither do they. After all, 8 out of 10 calls, they talk for more than a few minutes and then ask for my name!

Anyways, this lady I am talking about called me a couple of months ago a few times on the same day. Of course she did not know it was the same person she was calling. On the third call I guess, I just laughed and told her that was too much. She admitted that may be she had the number listed multiple times and she gets that list from her supervisor for leads every day/ week. I gave her my name and asked her to remember it so as to not call again. She did remember my name and she did not call after that. However, she added my number to her business SMS list. So, since then I receive an SMS promoting financial products once in a week or two. I tried to reach her a few times when my friends needed a loan but I couldn’t get through. I assumed she is either no longer working there or may be they don’t enertain incoming calls.

Last Sunday, I received another SMS asking me to call her if I needed a loan. I was at office with nothing important to do. I was either reading a book or watching some movie all afternoon. Bad time, none of the friends were online too to while up time. I replied to her SMS asking to delete my number from the mass SMS list. She called me within a minute and I was trying hard not to burst out with laughter. I can’t recollect the exact lines but she explained about some emotional banking!

“Sir, it’s okay if you don’t need a loan sir. Only one sms kno sir, that too only one every week. If you delete the sms and then some friend needs loan, you will not have my number kno sir. So, I send one every week to keep you updated with my number. Call me anytime you need either a credit card or a loan sir. Call me when your friends or office people want a loan also. Last month when you called my mobile was not working I think sir. That’s why I could not answer your call sir. This time I will make sure I will answer. Please don’t feel bad and get emotional for not answering call sir. Even if you send sms I will call you back for documents sir… … …”

I actually did not listen to what she was saying after that ’emotional’ marketing. I put my phone down and continued reading. Not very polite I know, but I couldn’t help it!

Btw, if you need a loan let me know 😛

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  1. Poor they. Being with ITEST for so long…I can understand how tough it is for them to get lead with such badly maintained database.
    And quality of thier english is bad for obvious reasons. Why would somebody with better english landup with domestic call centers and work for peanuts.

  2. @Vijay: Unnavi kattaleka chachipothunna… mallee kotha loans aa? Ippude vaddu ra…

    @Shalu: Yeah, we can do that. However, while I still think they should exercise caution and maintain their own database in some way, I normally don’t feel like showing my anger/ frustation on them. After, all, it’s their job day in and day out 🙂

    I just laugh at incidents like this and move on.

  3. ha ha ha..that’s funny! ya I have encountered this several times…gosh they speak such bad English and end up in call centers..there is some company named, “Global telesystems” in India who keeps calling me every now and then inspite of me telling that we are not interested, they don’t give up..or as you said, they churn out the list over and over again weekly/monthly…but isn’t it so irritating? but gradually i began to wait for their call and when it came, I enjoyed firing from my side…hurray, atleast I have someone to take my frustrations/anger upon..Global Telesystems please call me…I need to vent out my anger on someone and you could be the lucky one!!!! So next time they call, try this venting ur anger thing and you too will start waiting for them to call u again and again 🙂

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