Few lines from ‘Yogi’

I couldn’t help listening to the song from telugu movie ‘Yogi’ this evening in the cab, on my way to office.

yogi_nayantaraOrori yogi nannu korikey ra…
Ororo yogi nannu namiley ra…
Orori yogi nannu kudipey ra…
Orori yogi neelo kalipey ra…

Danni eam meaning lo artham chesukovalo artham kaka chastunna… That too it is in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM listener’s choice lo no. 2 anta… ade, janalu sms lu pampi maree ennukuntaru choodandi, aa type! aa dhairyam tho vinnanu… ademo ala undi… Tarvatha telisindi indulo heroine kuda Nayanatara ani (Vallabha tho shock ichindi ee maha thalle!)

Rasi, padi nanduku vallani analo, Nayanatara type E antha anukovalo, no 2 ga pettina FM fans ni analo, vinnana nanne anukovalo artham kavatla… 🙁

Bad time buddy!

3 Replies to “Few lines from ‘Yogi’”

  1. I guess I can write better than 50% of tollywood lyricists!

    And regarding the “labels” question, will send you an email…

  2. BTW oka doubt
    what does “Labels for this post” do? when we are writting a new post this text box “Labels for this post”, appears below the textbox.

  3. Jor sa jatka…deerey se phir se lagi 🙂

    Good lyrics songs are rare these days.

    With the kind of songs that are being accepted these days, I guess we can also be great lyricits. what say?

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