Ford Figo – FAQs

6. What is programmable keyless entry?

In Figo, there is an option to change the function of the “unlock” button on the remote key. It normally unlocks all the 4 doors (Driver’s door + 3 passenger doors). It is possible to program the key to just open the driver’s door. It could be a useful feature when getting in/ out is necessary in crowded areas and you’re all by yourself.

Press and hold ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ button for 4 secs to enable this feature. Do the same again to revert to the default setting.

Also, when in ‘one door open’ mode, if you press ‘unlock’ within 3 secs of the initial unlock, it will open all doors.

Ford calls the feature as “keyless” which is a little misleading. We do need the key, with or without remote, to unlock the doors, enter the car and drive.

7. How does the Ford Figo child lock work?

Child lock is available on the rear doors. When the child lock is ON, it means that the doors cannot be opened from inside the car, irrespective of the general door lock status. The doors can only be opened from the outside. This really helps when you travel with kids, who tend to play with anything they find interesting and intriguing, to make sure that door is not opened accidentally.

The child lock can be turned ON or OFF using the key to turn the lever in the door.


8. How does the door lock mechanism work in Ford Figo? Is there an auto lock feature?

Door locks are independent of the key position. Like many other cars, turning the ignition ON or starting the engine doesn’t lock the doors. When the vehicle starts moving, at 7 kmph speed, the doors lock. However, when the ignition is switched off, the doors unlock.

According to Ford, “locked” is defined as “door closed firmly” but not “securely”. There is nothing that will prevent you from accidentally opening the doors while the car is moving.

If there is one lever to lock the door [from inside] and another lever that can be used to open the door, it makes sense. In Figo, it’s the same lever used to “lock” the door (push inside) and to open the doors. So, no, there is no actual lock for Figo doors.

Child lock works as expected and is efficient for rear doors. Locking the car after you park and get out is good. Very secure. The concern will remain a concern while you’re in.

9. How to lock Ford Figo without the key?

I tried to lock the car and I couldn’t do it.

10. How to open Ford Figo if keys are locked inside?

a) It is not possible to lock out of your car with Figo. As you cannot lock the car without the key, if you leave the keys in the car, the car will remain unlocked until you get to the key.

b) If your car is locked and you can’t find the key, chances are that the key is not in the car. (Unless, the window glass is open, you lock the car, and then throw the key in 🙂 )

c) There is only one instance when the Figo does the ‘auto lock’; when you unlock it and do not open the doors for 45 secs.

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11. Is there a remote lock sound for Ford Figo?


It is possible you can get it added at your local accessories shop. However, Ford insists that the warranty will be void if you make ANY modifications to the vehicle from other than Ford. So, as Ford doesn’t provide the option of a beep, you ideally should not get one.

Another option that neither Ford provides nor allows us to get it done outside is reverse gear alarm.


7 Replies to “Ford Figo – FAQs”

  1. “engine check” warning light is switching on some times and stays. that time my car slows down and is moving very slowly. no other indications are on at that time. taken the car to ford show room but they are also unable to tell why and what to do. if I switch off the engine, wait for few mins and start, engine check light is off. what could be the reason for this? what to do? please advise.

  2. There is possibility if ur car is locked and u just open the dicky and forgot key there ….. when u closed the dicky u end up locking the car with keys inside.

      1. Hi Anchit,

        As far as I know, it’s not possible to turn off the red flashing light. Further, even if it’s possible, I would recommend against it.

        Red flashing light indicates that PATS is active, so the immobilizer can work when there is a theft attempt. It’s a good thing, needed for security and am sure the load/ life impact on battery is almost negligible.

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