Ford Figo – FAQs

12. What is the recommended/ correct tyre pressure?

The index card is available for ready reference on the body near the driver’s seat. You can see that when you open the driver’s door.


13. How accurate is the Ford Figo’s Distance to Empty (DTE) reading?

I would say the DTE is an option that can be used for guidance purposes only. I wouldn’t take it literally to follow the exact numbers. It’s neither too perfect to display the exact distance that can be covered with the fuel left in the tank nor too way off that it displays numbers that are not practical.

In my experience, there was an unfortunate instance where I stretched it till 4 DTE and I could sense the rise of my heart rate. Considering the fuel I could accommodate in the tank that day, I would say DTE is near accurate.


My strong recommendation would be to find a fuel station as practically soon as possible after you hear the beep indicating 80 DTE. Because, it’s not just finding fuel if you run out of it completely while driving, but also a mechanic. There’s some air lock professionals talk about that has to be cleared before your car can run again.

14. What’s the speed volume feature in Ford Figo?

This is an interesting and helpful feature. When the car speed increases beyond 60 kmph, the sound we hear from inside the car will drastically increase too. It will be a mix of tyres-on-road sound, air resistance and the engine sound. With this, the volume of the stereo that was set may not be sufficient for apt audibility.

Speed volume is a setting, when enabled, that will increase the volume of the stereo as the car speed increases.

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7 Replies to “Ford Figo – FAQs”

  1. “engine check” warning light is switching on some times and stays. that time my car slows down and is moving very slowly. no other indications are on at that time. taken the car to ford show room but they are also unable to tell why and what to do. if I switch off the engine, wait for few mins and start, engine check light is off. what could be the reason for this? what to do? please advise.

  2. There is possibility if ur car is locked and u just open the dicky and forgot key there ….. when u closed the dicky u end up locking the car with keys inside.

      1. Hi Anchit,

        As far as I know, it’s not possible to turn off the red flashing light. Further, even if it’s possible, I would recommend against it.

        Red flashing light indicates that PATS is active, so the immobilizer can work when there is a theft attempt. It’s a good thing, needed for security and am sure the load/ life impact on battery is almost negligible.

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