Fuel prices hike; cabs strike – bad timing it is

The first thing I saw today after I woke up in the evening about 3:30 pm is an SMS from Transport team. Summary: “Cabs are on strike. Commute on your own to work”. We did have some information about this “bandh” for a few days now but we weren’t sure if it’s gonna start today or tomorrow. Or, rather, whether we would stop receiving services from today or tomorrow. SMS was a confirmation. Taking our own car/ bike to work is not a problem – except I think the risk level is more when coming home in the morning after a hard night’s work.

The other side of the story: I switched on the TV to check the update on the on going fuel price hike move. Petrol Rs 5. Uff! Bad timing it really is. I guess I have my car tank upto 85% now. But still – both (bandh and hike) at the same time is really a bad timing. I’d better go to Venezuela – someone tell me where this country is. I am not sure of the geographical location but I do know that petrol is INR 2.12 per litre. How kool!

Check out here the current update from IBN LIVE on the fuel price hike and other information like price movement since 2004, world’s costliest and cheapest petrol.

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  1. Didn’t get to follow all these very closely… but I hear that government officials are interested to address autowalla’s demands to some extent but not even caring for cab guys’… true? 😀

  2. still wrose is TDP/TRS called for a band today
    From Auto’s too are gonna go on strike from 8th.

    Worst thing is Venz is ready to sell crude oil to us….and unfortuntly we don’t have technology required to refine.

    Just too bad??

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