Goa Trip Day 5: Lessons learned

Day 4: Back to pavillion

Oct 5th, 2009 Monday: After so many encounters and adventures, the trip has transformed into something that was not planned. Though we made the best out of available time and situations all through, last day had it’s own challenge.

Remember the red point from the previous post about our probable location around midnight? That wasn’t a halt anyway. Though I was sleeping in the back seat, the navigators and the driver did their job as we were moving closer to Hyderabad, though very slowly. It was 3 am when we reached Solapur and the time I woke up. We stopped for a tea, and I was in the front seat from then playing the navigator’s role. Oh, looking for the uncommon part at that hour? Brake failure.

I learned that was the situation for about an hour or so then, and no help available. Most workshops were closed and few that were open had reluctant mechanics who were just not willing to wake up. We managed for a couple of hundred kilometers with minor tea breaks [to kill sleep] in between and repair work was finally done in Zaheerabad I guess. We also had breakfast around the same time and came back home safe with no more adventures.

View the complete trip photo album here.

Thanks everyone!

Points to be noted:

We learned a few lessons along the way. We had a few regrets and we were glad for some things. Though this is not an exhaustive list, a few points worth mentioning.

  • Initially we had planned the trip in my car, a Santro XING. After crossing a few water logged bridges, ditches and the 50 kms odd terrible road before entering Goa, we were glad we didn’t do it. After all, the ‘sunshine car’ is not a very good ‘off road’ vehicle
  • All the encounters with police and RTA at every check-post on state borders and otherwise made us fed up with the idea of a hired vehicle. It would have been more fun in our own vehicle. It translates into less-hassle if not a no-hassle drive
  • If a hired vehicle is unavoidable, make sure all the documentation, taxes and any other legal formalities are taken care before the trip starts. May be a own Innova next time, haan? 😉
  • We carried a few prints of the routes we would travel and that was changed just two hours into the trip. Google maps in my phone was very helpful a few times. So, if possible, carry technology along- may be it will will work, may be it will not, just have some around
  • Next time I go to Goa (I hope to get another opportunity) the fist thing I would do is buy Goa tee shirts. We couldn’t get them in time for beach fun this time for various reasons. The coconut tree-sunset print tees were not available at one beach, were way over priced at the other and didn’t fit at all on the other. We had to finally stop in the capital to search for a shop among the closed Sunday businesses and get a few as souvenirs. If you observe, none of our pictures show the coconut tree and sunset and I am sad 🙁
  • The most important of all: Sometimes, it’s not possible to click a lot of pictures because of many factors like rain etc.. Any intelligent photographer would just pack the cam and enjoy the moment. That is exactly what we did for most of our trip. Yes, we clicked a lot of pictures even on this trip but you should’ve seen the Goa Trip album if our trip went as planned!

In Goa

Boys, please add if I forgot to mention anything!

All in all, we are destined to have fun and so… have fun!

Thanks for following the travelogue. If you have any similar experiences or even all positive fun trip stories, do add the link in the comments for everyone of us around. We will be glad to share the moment with you. (In case you don’t run a blog, feel free to post on this one as guest.)

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