Hampta Pass Trek – Reality Check

Trek essentials (What to carry?):

I was a fool and I took more stuff than necessary; I thought that’s one way to boost my self-confidence and feel that nothing can go wrong. However, the principle here is – the lighter the better. We were told that the backpack should be around 7 kgs (or less). Mine was more than 10 kgs and it was on my shoulders for 5 days through plains, rocks, boulders, steep ascents, slippery descents, water streams etc. 🙁

Clothes- 2 full sleeve T-shirts, 2 tracks (at least 1 synthetic), 1 winter jacket (cold) and 1 wind-cheater (rain), and few pairs of inner-wear  is enough. Not mandatory, but if this will be your first time in low temperatures, grab a pair of thermal inners, like I did.

Accessories – Trekking shoes (Woodland worked awesome for me), 2 pairs of socks, sun glasses with 100% UV protection, a sun cap, a woollen cap (or a skull cap/ bandana), 2 bottles for water and an LED torch (preferably with a head band to keep your hands free).

Toiletries – Tooth paste, tooth brush, sun screen, wet wipes/ tissue papers, toilet paper, ear buds, mouth wash, etc. Get as small packets as possible to reduce weight. If they can last for 1 week, you have more than enough.

Medical kit – Your regular medicines should be fine (Crocin, brufen, gauge/ bandage cloth, band-aids, Dettol/ Savlon, cotton, etc). I just needed 2-3 combiflam tablets all throughout. Teams that organize the trips typically carry the AMS specific medication.

Finally, a supportive rucksack/ backpack (60 ltrs.) to hold all this stuff, and a poncho (rain cover) for it.

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  1. Hey,

    I need a small help, Me and my friends are planning on a trek with “Trek the himalayas”.
    I was just wondering if you could mail me your experience with regard to the way the trek was organized? i am asking specifically coz the price seems much lesser than the other places. hence the small doubt.
    my mail id is: [xxxxx]@gmail.com

    It would be a great help if you can let me know how you felt the trek was organized.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      We had a wonderful experience with this company. It is a very small team, less than a handful really; and yet the trek was organized very well. We called them and asked questions in email numerous times before we even started for the trek, and every single time the response was very nice. We are very happy we chose this team and I’m positive we will get in touch with this company for our subsequent treks too, if any! 🙂

      Throughout the trek, we had personal attention. That was more important for us as we were first time trekkers, and they understood and accommodated our needs perfectly. By the end of the trek, we became good friends! 🙂

      Let me know if you need information about any other aspects.

  2. Good post on your adventurous Trek and think its once in a life time moment ‘ Kodak Moments’…Ooops.. ‘ IPhone Moments’ 🙂

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