Hampta Pass Trek – Reality Check

Sleeping bag:

This was my first time experience with many things. Camping was the major one, and sleeping bag was the next biggest. After Day 1, I was very uncomfortable that night in the bag and was tossing and turning (at least, trying to toss and turn) until morning. Damn, you can’t even fold your legs properly! Anyways, the adrenaline kept us going the next day even with less sleep. Also, the trekking company we hired, Trek The Himalayas provided us the tents and sleeping bags.

By day 4,  I mastered the art of sleeping in the bag and was a pro! Full sound sleep. 🙂

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  1. Hey,

    I need a small help, Me and my friends are planning on a trek with “Trek the himalayas”.
    I was just wondering if you could mail me your experience with regard to the way the trek was organized? i am asking specifically coz the price seems much lesser than the other places. hence the small doubt.
    my mail id is: [xxxxx]@gmail.com

    It would be a great help if you can let me know how you felt the trek was organized.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      We had a wonderful experience with this company. It is a very small team, less than a handful really; and yet the trek was organized very well. We called them and asked questions in email numerous times before we even started for the trek, and every single time the response was very nice. We are very happy we chose this team and I’m positive we will get in touch with this company for our subsequent treks too, if any! 🙂

      Throughout the trek, we had personal attention. That was more important for us as we were first time trekkers, and they understood and accommodated our needs perfectly. By the end of the trek, we became good friends! 🙂

      Let me know if you need information about any other aspects.

  2. Good post on your adventurous Trek and think its once in a life time moment ‘ Kodak Moments’…Ooops.. ‘ IPhone Moments’ 🙂

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