Happy New Year Babu!

I too received new year wishes from our kick-ass CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Well Babu, hope this new year works out very well for you too. Wish you a very successful and brilliant new year. Feel free to do anything ethical/ unethical/ legal/ illegal to get into Power. Remember we are just fighting competetion and that is not part of the generic strategy. We understand your kick-ass style of administration and we want you back! All the best!!
FYI readers: I am not a supporter of Telugu Desham Party. I just admire Babu for his personal style and approach towards administration. 

6 Replies to “Happy New Year Babu!”

  1. I think congress wont make it this time its gonna be babu all the way…lets wait and watch time will tell everything…

  2. chustoo unte alage undi kani… moodu tharalaku saripada sampadinchukunnaru kada endukayya mee reddy gariki inka aasha? babu gariki chance iste kasta administration ni chakka pedatharu kada… tinedi elagu tintaru kasta pani cheste tinte santhoshistam kada! 😛

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