Hyderabad City needs to Kill Car demand to decrease Traffic Congestion

For traffic solution road widening’s are temporary though we may require in lot of area’s for widened-ed roads, create cycle lanes and Pedestrian Zones.

When it comes to Vehicles on road, We are growing city and vehicular traffic will only double in next 5 years. In that scenario, no road widening will help. What we need is a comprehensive plan. My suggestion incorporates 2 major world cities which decreased car usage.

In London city, the city implemented toll to enter major city areas (excepted for electric cars) that itself made a big difference. For a growing city such as Hyderabad this alone is not sufficient.

In Singapore, city with same population density manages traffic very well. Thats because every year Singapore allows limited amount of cars on city roads for which they have buy 10year Licence board permits and price’s of open Auction and this is only valid for 10years. So every year, if one wants to buy a car they have to spend at-least 50,000$ on Licence boards for 10years. All this money goes to spend on Busses, trains, priority lanes for busses. This makes singapore roads very empty with regular bus services (including Air-conditioned). Still Taxis permits are cheap and readily available. This makes taxi rates lower and comparative to world cities. The argument here is people coming from offices don’t spend 30$ on taxi while the Air-conditioned bus cost 1$. Such a system eliminates large traffic conjession, pollution and sound.

We are not a city state, so we should have Singapore model together with London model on vehicles coming to city. Some road widening’s may require but it is not a long term solution. Long term solution is to kill the demand. All real estate and businesses get advantage with this solution, because lower cars mean lower parking space. Parking space is an important expenditure for houses and offices. Together with this allowing electric cars without such a licence requirements (non polluting still are expensive, limited mileage) , pedestrian and cycle friendly.

We need a transport system which works. That is immediately, our roads need to take more buses later on we have build in much wider scale a metro and sub-urban transit systems together Pedestrian zones and Cycle’s area’s. We have to decrease cars on road by at-least half. And replace existing Motor cycles with cycles or electric power cycles. Then our city can be made beautiful with walkways, clear roads, trees and greenery.

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  1. Carpool saves fuel and reduce traffic, as we come to office in one car earlier it use to be 4 cars since last 2 years we made it 1. It is a bit tough the guy who have to pick up as we stays in different directions like one in Chikkadpally one at Kachiguda and two in Himayathnagar (as we can’t park all our vechiles at gather point – Everyone knows about the paking issue at the Appartments ;-)). Many of our colleagues following this, as am indian in my terms i save fuel and i can rest for 3 weeks as i have to drive for 5 days in a month (Sure no one is really intrested to drive Especially in Hyd traffic ).

    1. We carpool too. In our case, we are three guys staying in the same building and our offices are in the same lane. So, considering our both cases, you are working hard to make the carpool thing work; and I appreciate it. As you mentioned, some fuel is saved along with a reduction of car on road. Kudos! 🙂

    2. Carpool is fine but it is not a solution because Car carries 5 while a bus carriers 50 and train carriers 1000. And there will be no method to decrease cars and there still be traffic Jams.

  2. MMTS had limited points, i stay at Himayathnagar where do i get Train to catch? Okay let’s say i can catch train at Lakidikapool and my work place is VBIT Park where i have to catch one/two (depends on availability) Auto as bus aren’t frequent. So we car pool on rotation basis.

    1. MMTS is mixed with Long Distence traffic. It cant serve high loads. As I said before we need more trains. But till the time we have more trains, we need to decrease traffic and run more buses. And in some routes Bus Lanes too or Bus rapid transit too are feasible.

  3. I would recommend a better starting point. Concentrate on providing better public transport. For eg, increase the frequency of MMTS trains. If MMTS trains were not so crowded, MMTS would have been the first thing I would have gone for instead of car.

    My 2 cents

    1. MMTS shares same lines with Long distance traffic. It is not a solution. Such a punitive taxes will decrease car uses and new more Air-Conditioned buses run on these routes. Some of which may have dedicated Bus Lanes. This will temporarily may be solution till the Time we start building a Network of Dedicated Metro and Sub-Urban Railway lines. With World Bank and Asian Development Bank so eagerly financing low energy Transport system’s in developing countries, finance too would not be a problem.

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