I cast my vote. Did you?

  • I understand it’s my responsibility to vote
  • I know I have a role to play in mapping our future
  • However small, I understand my vote does count and could make a big difference
  • I hope the politics will no longer be synonymous to crime/ corruption/ dirty/ filthy and all that it is now
  • I hope elections this time will bring in new hope for each and every citizen
I consider lucky to be part of the Kukatpally constituency. I had a chance to vote for the JP himself. I don’t care if he wins or not. I support his idea of clean politics. And many other intelligent items on the agenda/ manifesto. I wanted to let him know I support his ideas. His, as an individual. Lok Satta’s as a political party. I did. And I am proud.

I exercised the fundamental right to vote. Did you?

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