I’m your mirror – Are you with me?

Say, I am crazy (or stupid, clever, intelligent, whatever). Are you with me? I think you are. Almost always you are in agreement with me; and more often than not, you’re the same too – crazy, clever whatever. Let me explain.

When you think I’m crazy based on an act or incident – may be you’re right. If I step out of my situation and have a perspective from ‘outside’ world, I too think I was crazy. Because when I am not involved in the scene, I wouldn’t understand the exact situation, which probably makes my act crazy.

Let’s take one step further. If both of us feel the same way about a particular situation (or act), are we thinking in similar lines? Of course, yes! Our frequency (or is it wavelength?) matches. This implies you too would act crazy IF involved in the situation. Again implies – you’re crazy too! Or at least you’re capable of being crazy. Cheers for being with me! We both are similar personalities! J

And I’m sure while you’re reading and trying to understand the above, you’re thinking I’m a complicated guy. Well, again I agree with you. So we are thinking in similar terms (again!). And you should be complicated too! Are you? 😉

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