In search of a soulmate

dovesPuzzler! This is one mystery I could never solve, despite the screen name Sherlock Holmes! 😉 At what age do girls select their life partners? Or should I say boy friends, because I witnessed 1001 cases (am exaggerating of course) where girls married their parent’s choice (or that’s what they told me!) and not the the one they’ve been going out with.

Any girl I see now is either married, engaged or committed in a serious relationship. And of the few girls who claim to be “single” are out of reach for various reasons. Some want to study further, some concentrate on career and some simply wait for their parents to look for an eligible bachelor. No one can be blamed but that is the situation.

Schooling was too young an age to lookout for one. Crushes apart, no thought of any serious relationship. 10+2 was a new world, most of the time was invested in thinking about future. Countless dreams and aspirations for life. Graduation was more fascinating but computers and semesters’ exams ate up all the time. After some so-called market research and lot of confusion, then started ‘the career’. Busy in learning stuff as what was taught in school/ college was to be unlearned to learn new things to do the job. Training, professionalism, payslips, EMIs, corporate culture, team dynamics, team meetings, PFs, IT Returns, increments, appraisals, team outings, formal dinners, night shifts, all new friends circle, wait for weekends, weekend blasts, ATM/ Debit/ Credit card life are to name a few.

To enter the next phase of life, I realize I should probably have invested some time all the while checking out girls, I mean, looking out for girls 😉

And I love to talk philosophy when cornered like this: May be there is someone destined for everyone. So, I’ll wait for mine! 😉

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  1. I think it doesnt matter when you meet your life partner. What matters really is how well you remain in the relationship after you have met.

  2. Its quite normal to feel lonely and longing for love when you have things in place. now that you are working you must have thought about this seriously…. had you been studying or shouldering some greater responsiblilty you would’t have thought.

    Am I right?

  3. Doesnt sound like a desperation at all. Well all i would say is every1 meets the right person when the time comes.Some have been lucky to get them in their initial phases and sum hav not. well as for those who haven’t they have been wise enough to indulge their time is other thing which have meant to be important for them…

    Its all about the choices you make and all about how you set your priorities in life at the appropriate time.

    After all when you make your own choices or let others do it for you its always you who are resposible for the end results be it good or bad

  4. This is Shiva…nene bey…pelliki raani shiva…BCA Shiva

    Blog is nice…Desperation is the word I should not use here…but this could be a stage set for the situation where that word becomes apt…As I know you as a person and your inside…I know what you feel…Balance everything everytime to avoid this situation…But who knows…If your life could be more miserable with a relation a lil bit earlier. N”Never was late is nothing” (quote naade…kasta variety ga raasa…he he he)…I wish with my heart that you find a very right person fits you and as compatible as a “Nut and Screw” bootulu unte choosi choodanattu ooruko…anni bootule unte asalu choodaku…All the Best ra!!! Ala ani maree “padaharanaala telugu duet ani thiragaku…pelli ayithe janaalu mana pelleppudu ani mind thintaaru…light teesuko…Naa paristhithi em cheppanu…adiginodemo pillanivvadu…migatha vaallu queue lo unnaru…sampettanaaru okkokkadu…time naayana…

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