I’ve received some messages from my blog’s contact form; some authentic and some spam.

This is interesting spam!

Interesting Blog Contact Form


After about two weeks, I received this follow up message. So, it’s human after all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Blog Contact Form

My name and email address is entered in the form, so just ignore that.

As requested “i only want you to find me who i am..if you can”, I thought I’ll try. I see it’s the same IP address in both the messages, so I checked if there are any sites that can provide geo location based on IP.

geo Location Search

I clicked on the first result and entered the IP address. Here is the result:

Geo location based on IP address

So, it could be one of my current or ex- colleagues (NetCracker/ Convergys) in Banaglore. Is there any way I can trace further?

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