Is the facebook festival over for you?

When did you get on facebook? How much time do you spend every day updating your status or reading others’? I bumped into questions like this when reading an article about the recent social networking analysis. It is said that though very slow as of now, the decline curve has started; and one of the primary reason is big giants getting in for business, but it does not end there.

For me, it’s been about a year since a buddy introduced me to facebook. I entered to check out few pictures and the journey began.

Facebook apparently has more than 250 million active users now. Unlike other social networking sites, facebook is said not to boast their numbers with inactive/ dead accounts. All these members login at least once every month. Though the percentage of new users in the Americas has slowed down, with introduction of natural languages, it looks like the growth from rest of the world is tremendous. And, when compared to these numbers, quitters are very less, but experts say the trend has started. It’s not unheard that there are many users dumping Flickr and Picasa too for sharing pictures on facebook. This could mean, like many other social networking sites, facebook could be history too. However, what is concerning is the reasons these quitters do so.

While many say that it is eating up a lot of their time, there are others who have much worse effects. They feel they are losing touch with their real friends; updates and status messages are followed and it is felt that they are very close together, while it has been more than six months they either met or said hello over the phone. It gets worse- a common problem has been identified where facebook users felt they are stalking their own friends! You browse their profiles and skim through the wall without even posting a comment or having any interaction. For specific stories read through the Facebook Exodus and The Facebook backslash. Yeah, Bill Gates quit facebook too, but for totally different reason.

For those who try to convince that facebook has a different purpose like expanding their network of friends by meeting new ones online, or discovering long lost old friends, quitters are vexed up to buy this. They say that everyone has been found through some site or the other and that they are losing the existing ones in real life, considering they are available at a click on facebook when needed. Help to quit facebook is available too! Check this and this.

There are a number of social networking sites (MySpace, LiveJournal, Classmates etc.) that ruled the Internet during the recent past and are now history. I’ve been a part of the few and frankly, didn’t even hear about many. Among the ones that I am active right now, facebook and twitter are the ones worth mentioning, and based on the activity I can’t dare to mention LinkedIn among the above. The complete Social Me is available on the top right hand bar on this blog, check out! Am wondering if this could be a fad like Orkut, for which the festival was over about a year ago for me. I just login to reply if anyone scraps and get out of there within couple of minutes.

But there is something else. Facebook has come into the limelight as the profiles are checked out by many prospective employers and government agencies and God knows who all. It is considered to have understood a slice of life by reading through the activity for a few weeks. Some users are getting uncomfortable with the intrusion, leaving facebook. But there is advise on how to make this work for you and not against too!

Keeping aside the analysis and the current trend, how are you affected by facebook, or any other social networking site right now?

  • How much time do you spend every week [on facebook]?
  • Are you happy or having ‘fun’?
  • Would you save some time for something else or be better off with this face?
  • Do you have any strong reasons to hold on to, or quit facebook?

You can share your thoughts in the comments. For myself, I spend less than 15 minutes on facebook, on those  days I login. I am making sure not to miss out on the major fun part, but making sure that the festival is not over too. Is the facebook festival over for you?

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