Jeeves – Thumbs Down


Jeeves claims to be your one stop service point for all electronics, electrical and IT products.

I first heard about the company and the services offered two months ago on a Radio ad. When I checked out the website, I liked the idea. I wanted to give it a try and my V-Guard Storage Water Heater gave me an opportunity soon enough.

Interaction 1

My first interaction was with a representative on the Toll Free number. She was polite. She asked for details and took the repair request. She mentioned that the request number would be sent to my mobile as SMS. She was also king enough to give me an estimate of the repair time and cost. Wonderful, so far!

She promised that the technician would visit the next day. She informed me about the charges as well: INR 150 for visiting, and INR 150 for repairing. If any spares would have to be purchased, that will obviously cost extra. I liked it.

I waited for two days and the technician never showed up. I didn’t receive the SMS either.

Interaction 2

Again with a lady who answered my call to the Toll Free number.

One, she has no information about the technician’s scheduled visit.
Two, She can see no records associated with my mobile number.

I opened another request with this lady. Again, I would be notified of the request number in SMS. Charges explained.

Interaction 3

I didn’t receive any SMS the second time too, but I got a call from the technician 2 days after my second request.

Well, not the best I as I expected but something was better than nothing.

Technician inspected the appliance and confirmed that the heater filament and thermostat were damaged and needs replacement. As per the process explained to me over the phone, he would get those parts and I pay him the charges.

He then asked for the INR 300 for visiting charges. It took good time and energy, and few calls to the Toll Free number to convince him that I would pay INR 150 only for visiting, and the remaining INR 150 after the repair is complete.

He called me the next day with the price of the spares. He quoted INR 1650 for the two parts. So, my total repair would come to INR 1950 including the INR 300 for visiting and repair.

Just to be sure, I called V-Guard service directly to verify. The technician from V-Guard was able to replace the parts and bring my Water Heater up and running in 24 hours.

Total Cost: INR 1150 (includes heating filament, thermostat, visiting charges, repair charges).

For a first time experience with Jeeves, the process took longer, would have costed 60% more and had to call twice to get my complaint even registered.

Thumbs Down.

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