KICK – movie review


This is one of those movies I call ‘complete entertainer’. Believe me it’s not easy to maintain the comedy tempo from the beginning to the end. While romance/ love/ violence can be the backbone of the movie and made obvious in every frame, I think comedy isn’t very easy to deal with – and this one did it! That too not cheap comedy but completely inline with the story and actually pretty nice. Unlike many movies that maintain a ‘track’ of comedy with bits and pieces, this one IS a comedy track from the beginning to the end. I loved 100% of the time I spent in there!

The story is about this guy who needs a ‘kick’ in everything he does. So, everything that is normally done might be done differently just for that reason.  That includes his normal life, love life, work life and everything. Except for 5 minutes may be, towards the end, when there is a sentiment bit, I was giggling, laughing and enjoying all the way – non stop! Surender Reddy was known for technicalities of the movies but never though he has such a good tase for comedy too. Awesome job I would say.

Ravi Teja has justified his role completely. May be more energy and enthusiasm he is normally known for. I think he has joined the lot that has Chiru, Balaiah or Rajinikanth for whom the stories or scripts are custom made. It is evident that the movie was wrote keeping Ravi Teja in mind for the role.

Ileana has done a good job too. A little extra pounds she has put on (which is actually used as a promotion for this movie!)  did make some difference in appearance. She played her part well, as oppossed to the normal ‘over-acting’ she is coined for. The dialogs and acting are in flow with the ‘energy’ and comedy theme this movie carries all through.

And I guess we don’t need special mention about Bramhanandam, Ali and other seasoned comedians. The scenes with all of them in frame (including Ravi Teja and Ileana) are handled very well. Again, unlike the seperate comedy track for entertainment, the roles are weaved into the story making it more enjoyable.

The music is nice too. Karthink sung two songs I guess, which are pictured well. You can pre’listen’ to all of the tracks on the official website where there is a good gallery and all other technical details for those who are interested, including some footage shots.

However, I didn’t see a lot of Rasool’s talent in photography. I was expecting more scnery like ‘Okariki Okaru’ what he is very famous for. Most of the movie is shot in Malaysia in normal city scapes which I guess left little room for his creativity.

Overall, a complete full time entertainer! I guess I watched such a fun-filled movie after a long long time! 🙂 If you’ve watched the movie already, add in your comments about your experience. If you haven’t, I guess you plan to watch this as soon as possible!

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