4 Replies to “!@#$%^ kmph”

  1. Even I prefer 80-100 on highways… comfortable speed no tension and minimum risk…

    appudapudu kalee straight roads and car performance ala co-operate cheste I just test annamata 🙂 Extremes (now and then) are good for the car engine too!


  2. Annaya.. enti? McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton aa? kevv keka kada.. naku 100 datite kallu chethulu gadagada.. hehe

  3. Prati sari ala velthamenti! Edo oka sari car capacity lantivi test cheddamani anthe… No vibration at that speed, by the way 😉


  4. Speed thrills but kills.

    As long as its just your life its ok. BUT if someelse too can be effected…think

    heehe lecture ayipoindi. Jaagratha suma

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