Know your cam!

This is the first lesson I learnt and I believe is very important for anyone who enjoys or wants to learn photography. Your question could be: “Can I take great pictures if I know everything about my camera?”. Well, not exactly. There are two things that should go hand in hand:

One, basics of photography. There are a few high funda words used by professional/ good/ famous/ popular photographers. We’ll need to understand the concept, if not the jargon. Lighting, exposure, flash, zoom are a few to start with. Jargon will help us follow some articles, tutorials available online and understand them. Concept will help us apply the same in our ‘game plan’.

Two, the device we use. I’ve seen a few people with very expensive cameras who do not know how to turn the flash ON or OFF when required. So, it’s important that we understand some fundamentals of photography AND the camera, it’s options/ modes/ features etc. To put it very simply, you should know what your camera’s capabilities and limitations are.

So, I will work on composing something valuable and interesting regarding part one above, while you pull out the manual that was included with the camera packaging and flip through it, taking care of part two. Deal?

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