Miyapur to Madhapur

Rain clogged street
Not a canal, just a regular street.

We stay near Miyapur (enroute to Bachupally) and work in Madhapur. Hyderabad. Some call these areas as ‘in’ Hyderabad, some call it ‘just outside/ sub-urbs’ of the abad and we just call it Miyapur, Hyderabad; whatever that association may mean to different people.

This is our normal route to office: Bachupally road Vikas school – Miyapur X roads – Miyapur (old?) Police Station – Miyapur Cheruvu – Hafezpet flyover – Hitex – Madhapur.

We’ve witnessed different traffic conditions – low and high volumes; travelling by different means – bike and car in the last many days. The maximum time it took could be one hour – to, or fro, with last Tuesday being an exception. We started around 6.35 pm at my office and reached home at 9.15 pm. Quite a long drive huh? Oh, we did break for a pizza (HAD to) for 15-20 mins.

It rained like hell and traffic congestion is expected. When it took 30-40 mins from Google office to Hitex charminar, we thought it was a little too much. It was kool all through the Hitex campus though, until we exited on the other end in Kondapur.

We had many vehicles entering the wrong side of the road. We deligently waited for our turn and got into the correct lane. If I drive on the right half of the road, papam where will the inflow traffic go? If there is no divider, it sometimes happens that the complete road is covered by the same direction traffic; entering the wrong side in spite of the road divider is too much I say!

We were moving at snail pace and looking around to analyze situation and water levels. On our side of the road, it was dead slow but was still moving. For 2-3 mins the traffic on the other side of the divider was moving fast. We know something bad will be awaiting the flow and it in fact did. All the cars slowly came to a halt. We were still moving at our same pace looking on the right at the stalled vehicles. We passed about a dozen cars and there was a break-down. Couple of them were trying to push the car to movement. We felt sorry for everyone on that side but we moved on. Another dozen cars later, another break-down. Crap!

That was not all. The traffic from the opposite direction was in full swing by then. That’s their legal side of the road and the ‘break-downs and the batch’ were in fact creating more problems. A little further, the worst has happened. These cars in the wrong lane are by the divider, there is no median to slowly even get into the correct side, and the opposite traffic, including a Mercedes bus was waiting in 6 lanes. Hu la la! No space to move forward and no space to turn back. For those who have observed, am sure the ‘HOT CHIPS’ store nearby was a big releif!

I have no Arya 2 sadism properties in general but I really felt ‘nice happened’ for those who created the problem. It did take another hour or so for us to get home, but we at least moved ahead. Apparently, that block was cleared after the complete normal flow traffic in that direction has stopped – which was around 1.00 am.

After a lot of driving, worrying, waiting, observation, facebook updates and Radio Mirchi traffic-beats, it occurred to me again. Even if it takes a little more time than usual, stick to your side and stick to your lane. Even if we are stuck there for some reason, at least the rest of the traffic will flow smoothly, creating way for us to get along. What say?

(Keep songs from Kotha Bangaru Lokam and Ye Maya Chesave handy, traffic lo irukkunna time atte gadisipothundi bore kottakunda 😛 )

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  1. he he he……

    Mercedes benz antey car anukuntaremo janalu … its a dual axle supa huge BUS :-). Yes, I was happy when we cleared the traffic sticking to our gut feeling to be in the correct direction:-)

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