My assumptions and conclusions

I assume or conclude a lot. Or, that’s what I am being told. I wonder if it’s true and if it is, I wonder if it’s bad.

I think what I do is interpret (I concluded again! Or is it just an assumption?). When I read something or told something, I interpret in a certain way. I am not sure if it is what is in fact intended; or if it’s correct; or if I should be nodding along without actually listening to and caring for it. Good or bad, I learned a few things along the way. I listen. And play my part. If I am not clear, I ask questions. I agree there could be too many sometimes. However, it all depends on how good my questions are answered.

I also agree that there could be instances when no questions are to be asked. I prefer to ask and seek clarity rather than ‘assume’ things and ‘conclude’ in my own way. It can’t be had either way. Either my questions need an answer, or there should be an agreement with my assumptions and conclusions.

If I get no answers, or no ‘valid’ answers, I have no choice. I cannot ignore the information I stumbled upon and move along as if nothing happened. I assume some things based on the facts. I conclude the others based on the presentation of that information. If it is thought that ‘assumption’ or ‘jumping into conclusions’ is not the right way, I question the way the information is presented and intended. (Another post on my questions very soon!)

When I get an answer ‘don’t assume’ to my first question about anything, I want to stop by and ask: ‘Why do you assume that I assume? Or is that your conclusion? Do you actually have an answer/ reason to my question?’

And when someone snaps ‘you jump into conclusions’ as the response, I want to stop by and ask: ‘Why do you conclude that I jump into conclusions? Or is that your assumption? Would you care to listen to the reason why I think so?’

Finally, if something happens way too many times, there is a pattern which can be used to draw conclusions. What if each of those had the same story above? Logical? (Damn questions. I guess I have too many of them!)

That’s okay if the above makes no perfect sense (another assumption!). I guess I’m just thinking aloud.

5 Replies to “My assumptions and conclusions”

  1. @Satya: am sure it is not very clear and detailed… that’s how I think normally 😛

    You should get good gist after the yet to come post on questions, may be!

    @Bharath: Yea, was a lil surprised when you said you got it 😀

  2. I guess I should ask questions before I conclude that I didnt understand the assumptions 🙂 heeeehe
    Lil complicated for me. heeehe

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