Google Pack

Hey all,

He is some interesting collection you can have good time with 🙂 And, more than anything, we pay nothing! So, try out these components. More than all, I love Picasa!

Google Software Included:

Google Earth – 3D Earth browser
Google Desktop – Desktop companion
Picasa – Photo organizer
Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer – Search toolbar
Google Pack Screensaver – Photo screensaver

Additional Software Included:

Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar – Web browser
Norton AntiVirus 2005 Special Edition – Antivirus utility
Ad-Aware SE Personal – Antispyware utility
Adobe Reader 7 – PDF reader

Optional Software (Add to Pack):

Google Talk – Voice and IM application
RealPlayer – Media player
Google Video Player – Video player
GalleryPlayer HD Images – Images

Access the direct link for download.
(Right hand side; under Recommendations)

It’s easy and quick!

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