All about EPFO (Provident Fund)

EPFO – Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has been making a lot of changes recently and it was good to discover some of the benefits when trying to accomplish a few things regarding Provident Fund. Here’s a list of useful links and key information that can help many employees transfer, withdraw and view PF balance through Passbook.

EPFO home page

This is the start page for many different portals and services for EPFO. Some of the quick links that are important are listed below – Portal to download passbook & Link to the Unified Portal. There is much more information along with some video tutorials on this home page.

Download Passbook

This portal enables login with the UAN and password to download passbook.

EPFO Passbook Login Screen
EPFO Passbook Login Screen

Once logged in, it will show the account on the left hand side. It will show all accounts if more than one are linked to the same UAN. Clicking on the link will show the passbook on the right hand side immediately. You can download the PDF for offline use from the same browser window.

EPFO Passbook PDF Download Screen
EPFO Passbook PDF Download Screen

Unified Portal for users to login and carry out certain transactions related to Universal Account Number (UAN). Also called as MEMBER e-SEWA. This is the portal to transfer PF online from old account to new account at the time of changing jobs.

UAN portal login screen


UMANG download QR Code

UMANG provides seamless integration with popular customer centric services like Aadhaar. It has a rich multimedia interface with a focus on maximizing usability and enriching user experience. UMANG provides a unified platform where multiple government services (central, state & regional) can be accessed by user.

UMANG has been created with a thought to add convenience to your lifestyle. UMANG will revolutionize the way how an Indian citizen avails government services today, because it leverages the current accelerated internet and smartphone penetration in our country.

You can also Get App link by giving a missed call on 97183-97183.

UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) is envisaged to make e-governance . It is developed by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and National e-Governance Division (NeGD) to drive Mobile Governance in India.

UMANG Download Page



How to check and pay your traffic challans online

Here is an online utility from the Hyderabad Traffic Police computer systems to enables you to check your violations record and monetary fines (challans). Click the following links to check the e-challan status. or alternative link 1 or alternative link 2.

How to make Payment for E-Challan

You can make payment of your e-challan online by making use of Credit Card through Payment Gateway and clear the e-challan or challans pending against your vehicle.

In order to make payment of e-challan pending against your vehicle, you need to first visit the above mentioned site ( and check for pending e-challan against your vehicle.

  1. Enter complete number of your vehicle including the missing zeros.
  2. Enter the Vehicle Number in this format: AP09AB0009
  3. Incorrect Formats are: AP09AB009, AP09AB09, AP9AB9

Once you have checked the Pending e-challan against your vehicle, then go to the following site.

  1. Click on Register and Enter all your details with a Username and Password.
  2. Once you have Registered then go to again.
  3. Click on Pay Bill or Go to
  4. After Logging in Click on “You want to Pay Hyderabad Police Traffic Challan Click Here”.
  5. If you do not see the above option Click on the tab at top left side “Add More Services” and Select Hyderabad Traffic Challans Or Cyberabad Traffic Challans.
  6. Enter your complete Vehicle Number in CAPS, total length of any vehicle will be 10 Words and Numerals. For Ex: AP09AB0009, It includes all the zero as mentioned in your RC.
  7. Once you enter your Motor Vehicle Number and click Submit then you will be shown the list of E-Challans pending against your vehicle. If there is no E-challan then you will see “Invalid Registration Number/Challan already Paid”.
  8. When having Multiple E-Challans, you can select all of them at once and click Submit. Total amount payable will shown in the box as shown below. 
  9. After clicking Submit you will be redirected to the following page where you will shown the complete amount. Click Submit to proceed for payment. 
  10. Once you click Submit above you will redirected to ICICI Bank Payment Gateway where you can proceed to make the payment.
  11. Please note it takes 24 Hours to update your payment at E-Challan Server.
  12. You can also make payment for other services such as GHMC Property Tax, Telephone Bills, Broadband Bills and Electricity Bills.

Important Note

Always keep a record of your payment transaction. Keep it as a Screenshot, PDF or Note it down. Sometimes the payment does not reflect in the respective department such as Hyderabad Traffic Police, Cyberabad Traffic Police, APCPDCL, GHMC or Other services. This detail comes in handy to you at that point in time.

Note: The facility to view violation images online will be available to e-challans generated after 1-May-2013. If you wish to see the Violation Images for E-Challan generated before 1-May-2013 you have to visit the Traffic Police Station mentioned in the E-Challan.

The above instructions are also available on Hyderabad Traffic Police blog, with few screenshots.

If the above links do not work for someone down the line, here is the landing page. You can click the top-left icon “e challan status”. I am not sure how consistent and updated this database is but you can sure run your vehicle number and verify.

How to report Bribe Incidents of a Traffic Personnel?

This is what Hyderabad Traffic Police says on their blog:

“We have and keep suspending Traffic personnel on the basis of complaints received against them. A inquiry is conducted against them and if they are found guilty they are removed from the service with penalty. Let us understand how the whole process works, we cannot suspend a personal just because a person on Facebook or any other Online Platform says he is corrupt, for the simple reason that the cop can go to court and get his suspension revoked rendering the whole exercise useless.

A written complaint is needed to take action, evidence accompanying it also needed. The evidence can be the Individual giving the complaint. The whole process takes its due course in the courts and appropriate action is taken. If you are complaining means you should be ready for inquiry and ready to appear whenever it is requested. Other wise we can not judge who is at fault. We can not go by your version or our personnel version and judge the issue.

As a part of the society one should also not promote bribing and follow rules. An individual should pay fines for the violations and request for and take receipt of the challans. You can report the incidents at traffic helpline number 9010203626 whenever a cop is asking for bribe.

We do not support corrupt practices and corruption in our department and ask everyone not do the same. By paying a bribe or bribing a personnel from any government department you make our job difficult to keep the system clean.”

Do you know you can report traffic violations through WhatsApp? Details here.

Happy riding, happy driving!

A quick trip to Jakarta

In April 2014, my work took me to Jakarta. This city was not on my list of “must visit” places, and yet I was glad I visited this part of the world.

Here are a few observations, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned, compared with Hyderabad, India.

A brief travelogue for you all!

Jakarta is a big city, and that was evident as soon as I stepped out of the airport. Infrastructure (read buildings, skyscrappers, roads, pavements, public transportion, etc.) is really impressive!

I observed some interesting aspects about two wheelers during my couple of weeks stay and commute in the city.
i) Rider and pillion, both wear helmets – good! I think it’s required by law.
ii) I found it strange that the lights were turned on during the day time time too. Just bikes, not cars and other vehicles, though.
iii) This was a whole new surprise to me – they have two wheeler taxis! They’re everywhere, carry one passenger and price is negotiable.

In general, traffic is very disciplined. The traffic is heavy but still runs smooth – everyone respects traffic rules, follow lane system and policemen are seen at many junctions to keep a check. No unnecessary honking even if the traffic slows down at junctions or narrow entrances.

Food is good. It would be a treat for people who enjoy non vegetarian dishes – a lot of variety and cuisines are served. While I hogged on a lot of chicken and sea food varieties only, beef is the default meat there. I had to mention not to include beef every time I ordered non veg dishes. Pure vegetarian visitors will need an extra effort to find places to eat comfortably.

While Jakarta is an International business destination and is one of the most densely populated asian cities, the locals are not very comfortable with any language other than theirs. I had tough time conversing with everyone around in English. Some people can’t speak beyond Yes and No. I ended up learning a few commonly used words to deal with the cab drivers.

Another interesting experience was currency. Do you know I was a millionaire for a while? With a conversion rate of about 1 Indian Rupee = 190 Indonesian rupiah, the few hundred US dollars I carried for my travel expenses showed balances on travel card beyond my expectations!

But again, I paid 35,000 for Fried Rice, 1,98,000 for a six pack of beer and what not! I was poor again in no time.

Jakarta has some really impressive malls. I visited a few just to roam around and get a feel of the massive shopping arrangement. Except TVs, everything else was priced higher than the commodities in India. After dividing the prices by 190 a few times, for which I needed calculator, I moved on to division by 200 in my head. 🙂

I had a long weekend during my visit which also gave me an opportunity to cover some places around the city. With three other colleagues, all from India, we visited a hot spring, a strawberry farm, an inactive volcano and a quick stop in tea gardens on the way.

Here are a few more pictures from the visit (following pages). Click on the thumbnails to see full size images. All images clicked using Nokia Lumia 820.

How To: Change the post width in Twenty Fourteen (WordPress default theme)

The default width of the post in Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme is 474px.

When you remove all the widgets from the Content Sidebar, the post text does adjust a little bit and move to the right to remain centered. However, the width of the post still remains to be standard 474px.

This CSS code will help you in changing that width. However, I would strongly recommend creating a child theme, if you already don’t have one.

Do this first: Create a child theme for Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme.

Now, use the code below to change the width as you please. In my example, I changed it to 700px. Change only the number 700 in the code below to a preference of your choice.

 .site-content .entry-header,
 .site-content .entry-content,
 .site-content .entry-summary,
 .site-content .entry-meta,
 .page-content {
 margin: 0 auto;
 max-width: 700px;

While this should suffice, you may also want to change certain other aspects to match the width to maintain consistency. The names of the blocks should tell you what you’re changing.

max-width: is the property that needs the new value.

 .image-navigation {
 margin: 24px auto 48px;
 max-width: 700px;
 padding: 0 10px;
 .page-header {
 margin: 24px auto;
 max-width: 700px;
 .contributor-info {
 margin: 0 auto;
 max-width: 700px;
 .comments-area {
 margin: 48px auto;
 max-width: 700px;
 padding: 0 10px;
 .site-main .mu_register,
 .widecolumn > h2,
 .widecolumn > form {
 margin: 0 auto 48px;
 max-width: 700px;
 padding: 0 30px;
University of Hyderabad Half Marathon 9th March 2014

University of Hyderabad Half Marathon – 9th March 2014

It was a very pleasant and energetic morning at the University of Hyderabad today with so many runners participating and completing the half-marathon, 10K and 3K runs.

Here are a few videos from my Lumia. Stay tuned for the pictures! Photo album is posted on facebook.