Photos and videos from Wonder La Amusement Park, Banglore

In continuation to my previous post, here is the next album. I wonder which psychopath (with due respect to physics and technology) designed all these rides, but we did have hell lot of fun all day. A ride was named ‘insanity’ and it lived up to the name; it tossed us in all directions like a tennis ball in an empty room! For me personally, the ‘drop zone’ (free fall effect) and the ‘Sky wheel’ (30m giant wheel on a 14 floor, 50m tower) was damn scary! View the album and you’ll see!

You can click on the first photo to enlarge and then click Prev/ Next options to navigate.

Link to Wonder La photos.
Link to Gallery.

Here are a few videos I captured (following pages):

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  1. It was a wonderfull day at wonderla when we went with our school.SDA SCHOOL.
    They took my photo also what happen to it.

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