Possibility vs Reality

It was a hot meeting at the office conference hall. All the people from the department had been called. The VP was looking very tensed.

The mood was so bad. My friend asked me -“Hey , what is this meeting about?” I told – “May be they will decide on when to have the next meeting.” We both smiled at each other. Then the VP started talking.

It was about the recent attrition rate that was so high. Around 10 people had put in their papers. All experienced guys. It was quarter end and so work was huge. “If we do not complete the work on time, we need to be paying heavy penalty,” said the VP.

The VP turned to the manager and told “Hey – take how much ever resources you want. Recruit or take them from other departments. But complete the work in another 25 days. Take people and complete it man!”

And the sweet manager replied “VP- Give me one wife and nine months and I shall show you results. Don’t give me nine wife’s and one month. I cannot do anything.”

We all looked at him blank. The VP was not prepared for this answer. I looked at my manager and thought “What an awesome reply!”

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  1. Good one…The manager must be really smart…Getting quick results has become so important these days that man even wants to crss over the laws of nature !

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