Prayanam – mild entertainer [movie review]

Prayanam is a mild entertainer. I wasn’t bored at any point in the movie. But, there isn’t anything that caught my attention either. It has a typical storyline that ‘just happens in movies’.

It’s a love at first sight theme, that takes place in airport while awaiting departures. Hero falls in love with the girl and has two hours (and of course there is a flight delay) to impress and win her heart, who by the way is going to India to meet her prospective groom. 98% of the movie is in the airport (Malaysia). That implies, all movie long, same costumes and ambience. We did get a good tour of the airport though. I personally could recollect few of the places I’ve been to inside the massive structure.

It is a typical of Chandra Shekar Yeleti’s movies. If you liked ‘Aithe’ or ‘Anukokunda oka roju’, I guess you’ll enjoy this one too. 5 characters, a Brahmanandam and a couple other ‘co-passengers’ in the airport is all he used. Also, people who get the quick wit or sharp tongue comedy can have good moments from supporting actors.

Manoj tried his best to play innocent and succeeded good amount of times. However, there are scenes when you can see his expressions are artificial. Harika’s role is plain too. She isn’t very attractive or cute or hot but has expressive eyes. The entertaining part comes from the supporting actors, who played as friends for the lead roles. A little dissappointing again is Bramhanandam’s role. Except for a moment or two, I would say he wasn’t his best.

Music wasn’t very impressive either. Anantha sriram (kotha bangaru lokam) gave lyrics. Should listen to the three songs a few more times to checkout the lines. The one sung by the little girl Amritavashini souded cute though.

All in all, if you watch it, you wouldn’t feel bad or regret. If you don’t, there isn’t much you are missing out.

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  1. hi annaya.. i liked the movie better after kick. brahmi was a great entertainment infact. clean movie and the sidekicks also were good. movie is watchable more bcoz of brahmi is what i feel 😉

    1. hey, i thought kick was a lot better entertainer than prayanam. that’s more an all through entertainer. even brahmi wasn’t his best in prayanam. not sure if it was my expectation but am sure he can add a lot more value in here.

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